Board Elections 2017


Any thoughts on the new candidates ?




Have they been announced yet? Apart from Pete who announced himself.


They close on the 13th.


Which board members are up for re-election or vacating their position?


i think Paul Cousins and Catherine Lio are up for re-election and Heff is vacating his position.


That’s true. I believe that appointed positions have a set term however they can stand for election.

I think Heff has other business commitments he is perusing. The club will appoint someone to his spot.

On a lighter note I was chatting to Reboot about this earlier and he likened the Hughes, Gauci ( and perhaps Gai Williams) ticket as the new ‘Focus on Footy’.

I did giggle.


Great to see you back here Jack!


More importantly @Capt_Jack_Sparrow what do you think of the candidates up for election?


The preferred candidates are Wellman, Davies, Cousins from the clubs perspective. There are a couple of tossers trying for vanity not the heart and soul of EFC


Where would you get this idea from?
And in this instance, who is the club? Other board members? Staff? Random people you know?




Two threads is enough.