Bomba Thompson

Last night our game-style looked completely different, more possession and patient build up. Our structures looked different too, with Bomba and co. choosing to go with a more 1-out in the forward line with Watson or Goddard almost having the 50-arc to themselves during various parts of the game, it was also noticeable during the 3rd when Watson spent probably the first 20 minutes in the forward line. The patient build up allowed us to be more precise with out disposal leading into the 50, and I'm guessing it was a major focus during the off-season. The man's a genius, it can't be denied, and despite our poor pre-season form, I was always confident he knew what he was doing with the team and he had them right where he wanted. The way he handles the media too, shows how valuable he can be, having a no BS attitude.


I can't imagine one Essendon fan not smiling when Bomba acknowledged how much he enjoyed coaching again.


Let's make sure this is for discussion on Thompson and not a Bomba vs. Hird thread.


Credit to Bassett, Craig, Goodwin and Egan too, all had an impact this off-season I'm sure.


Rounds 1-19: Moderate Sighs.


Round 20: SIGH.

Round 21: Unsigh.



Like he said, he knows how long he is there to do a job for, so there's  not as much pressure to worry about keeping your job.


Alot of the things you attribute to solely him from last night, he himself was surprised with how good it was, after a few factors (their training load, poor pre season form etc)


One thing that stood out to me, in his post match interview was him making the comment, as a coach he expected perfection, altho he knows you can't achieve that, expecting it IMO is what makes good coaches great, because they are never happy  with the status quo, they are always looking for better performances, no matter whether you've just beaten the top side or bottom.


Hope he’s watching this job that Rockys doing on Mitchell.

Buddha time.

As part of your sanctions, you must spend 12 months being coached by two-time premiership coach Mark Thompson. Oh yeah, and he’s a three-time premiership player with your club, and premiership captain.

Boy, what a punishment…

I had a salad roll and coke while I watched the replay, it seemed approriate.

Listened to BJ on the radio this morning talking about what a good coach he was.

Loved the relaxed laid back attitude in the coaches box last night

Loved his comment on the team video pre game, “Tomorrow’s match against North Melbourne… the Kangaroos… whatever they call themselves”

Interesting game plan with all the short kicks. Wonder if that’s a new approach or just a one off to exploit Norths weaknesses.

I’ve gotta agree with Hird on one thing though. I ■■■■■■■ hate the Hawks like no other team in the league. The only thing in the world that could make me hate them worse would be if Harry OBrien played for them and changed his name to something else really stupid…

Whilst the Bombers were pretty good against overhyped opposition, I give our boys a good chance against the Hawks. I think our midfield can match them and I think our defence (esp with no Franklin) can match up well against their forward line (a lot of options tall and short). Its just whether we can find 17-18 goals which we'll need to win it I think, against a much better side which wont allow us +20 inside 50s.

no idea how the players follow instruction from him. sounds like one zany trooper on the pressers.


mind you we did have sheeds for nearly 30 years. 

A lot of the great teams don't necessarily have standout goal kickers.


Take Geelong as an example, often goals are spread between multiple midfielders and I think that's what will happen with Essendon.


Heck, you even have Hurley, Hibberd, Baguley etc. who can run up the ground and kick goals ...Even Fletcher.


Essendon is a lot more dynamic for potential goal kickers then people realise.

I have serious man love for Him!

I think with bomber there is a great deal of "sleight of hand" and this can be attributed from Sheedy i think.


Bomber makes you look at this right hand whilst his left hand does all the magic.

And very interesting to note the number of times Bomba mentioned he was only there for the 2014 season.

I said it last night and I will say it again.

The way we played last night was so much like Geelong early on in the piece under Bomber, it is scary.

A relaxed tactical genius with Craig, a wonderful teacher, at his right hand side.


It looks like a perfect combination.

A relaxed tactical genius with Craig, a wonderful teacher, at his right hand side.
It looks like a perfect combination.

That's an interesting take given I've always been under the impression that Bomber is more of a teacher/player development style coach, than a tactical style coach.
Very happy to have him motivated and in the big seat.

Prefer Bomber to Bomba.

OK, I am SO glad we won the first game, but what would JH be thinking with all this love about Bomber. How do you come back to coach a side where everyone has loved the previous coach (don't get me wrong, I wan't nothing less than JH to come back and coach us to a Premiership) Just such a tricky situation

JH has the love where he needs it. That includes Bomba.

Bomber deserves to be congratulated for everything he has done for the team since returning to the club to work closely with James Hird. It's been clear from the start that Bomber was a major figure in creating the game plan. The progress during their association has been impressive, remember that prior to the crap of late last year we were fighting it out with the best teams in the comp thanks to the tutelage of Hird and Thompson, and we've made a good start to the year. I'm under the impression that James Hird fought to have Bomber named as the interim coach to make as smooth a transition as possible and so far so good. Bomber has made it clear he's head coach for the year, he repeated this in the post game interview, and I hope that the club is working to sign him for his preferred mentoring role under James Hird in 2015.