Bomba's book. " Bomber "

As I lie on the beach at Palm Cove at a sunny 29 degrees, I have read “Bomber”.

Probably the best football biography I have read, as it gives much more detail on being an AFL coach than most.

Interested to hear what others who have read it think.

I think you’re a ■■■■ with your weather updates.


I’m about 3qtrs of the way through so far. Just finished reading the part where he has left Geelong.

Pretty insightful stuff

I have always been a ■■■■.

Beautiful day today, clear skies, warming up. Think I will have a beer at the Pool.

Now have you read the book ?


But how’s the weather?


It’s too ■■■■■■■ cold for reading.

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Yep, gives me a much better appreciation of Bomba, keep reading the next bits are very illuminating.

Yeah! Interesting how he got his nickname but where was all the in depth analysis, detail, name calling, finger pointing exposes of what happened during the “Saga”.

It was in my copy.

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Does it read the way he talks?


Do you have to fry yourself with coke to get it? I’m

Did it come with salad roll stains on it?

Not really, but it was co-written with Martin Blake. It is a good read and tells me why he was a good coach.

And Barnz, he denies the drug allegations.

His onfield decision making charts in that book are awesome

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