Bomber’s DNA

Dare I say it but Dermie is right.
Our DNA hadn’t changed… we just need to find it. Why has it disappeared for the time being… recruiting. I love McGrath et al. But if you watch every single dust up we have he is pulling our player away not reaching over
The top. The reality is, I do t expect him to. That is not who he is. So let’s draft a few with a bit of mongrel. Get the opposition scared. Hawthorn’s ‘unsociable ‘ is just fine. Not 80’s thuggery.

Get the Bomber DNA back

Answer: No, … of course farking not.

That was 20 years, 7 Coaches, 2 crises, and 1 once in a Century fk up & 5 year scandalous nightmare ago.

Stupid article from an even stupider bloke.

FMD. :roll_eyes:


Dermie almost seems to want to be inspiring us to beat Collingwood.


He secretly loves us.

Also unsociable essendon vs unsociable hawthorn is what he(his glory days) and a lot of people want to see.

For hawthorn people of the 80s, Essendon is their big rivalry.

We have Carlton, Hawthorn and Collingwood from a longer history.

We need to get a bit of mongrel, grit and guts back. Lets hope we can find it tomorrow tonight.

Dermie doesn’t mind living in the past.

I think he just wants some current player/s to be compared to him to keep him relevant. It’s really the only thing this type of convo achieves. Past player wanting to relive “glory” days through current player/s. As stated above.

Bomber’s DNA is comprised mainly of ice and salad rolls these days.

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He really, really does.

If someone said in 1984 that Essendon were still the 1965 team, really, and they just need to tap into that…I’d have thought they were friggin’ nuts.

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It’s one of the few things dermott hasn’t injected into his face.