Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


I think he was also charged with possession as well… presumably will get some sort of fine or community-based order for that?


Yeah, that was my thoughts too.


I have always admired the way Bomber played footy and the way he coached so I am glad to see these charges dismissed. I hope he straightens his life out. Go Bomber!!


Cleared on intent to traffic charges, but looks like he’ll negotiate a plea bargain for possession, the penalty for which will be FA compared to what you’d get for trafficking.


Are the footy radio stations a bit let down by this news?? After all, there’s less sensation to report now.


First question I guess is, Has he stopped using?

If yes, the future might look a bit brighter.

If no, well, we have the example of Ben Cousins…

Such a good, straight, honest player. I can’t help thinking that under all the ■■■■ that’s happened, there’s still a good man. Let’s just hope he gets himself back under control.


Drug use does not make someone a good or bad person. It’s arguably part of who they are, but it does not define them.




He was suffering big time while he was coaching us but I did not detect anything that would suggest he was using drugs at that time!


$3500 fine

LOL justice served Victorian style


What is your farking problem with this.

In my view, possession of drugs should not be a criminal matter.


He wasn’t exactly caught with a single joint!


Pretty much confirms he was NOT a dealer so the result is basically spot on and anyone that thinks or says he was dealing drugs is not thinking clearly IMO


No it doesn’t, it confirm they believe they didn’t have enough evidence to convict him of being a dealer. Making it unlikely, but I think everybody would suggest that there is alway going to be an underlying chance he was. The whole bitcoin, dealing quantity can never be fully explained away.


I think having the $3m in the bank from the Armstrong Creek sale also would basically render the argument that he was dealing for financial gain useless.


Which in Australian law means he is innocent. Remember innocent until proven guilty. We are not subject to CAS (yet anyway)


A criminal conviction was also recorded, which limits employment, volunteer work opportunities and foreign travel options, as well as harsher treatment in the event of any future brushes with the law . He is also obliged to undertake rehab and would probably be under some sort of surveillance , including the company he keeps.
A bit more than a simple monetary fine for possession.


What a system where 481 eccies and a stash of ice can be considered as a quantity for personal use. And didn’t he claim he only ever used ice? So what were the pills for Bomber?


It’s entirely possible he proved that the pills were the other dudes


A CRN stays with you for life. He’s on the computer system now, you don’t have to go to jail to get one.