Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


Reckon if it was me or another pleb, 100% it would be a different outcome.


even though you know none of the details of the case?


Reckon there have been enough details released to get a general gist.


Stuff you’ve read in the papers?
Like what the general public read and thought about us during the saga?


Sorry but doesnt compare to the saga. There’s actual drugs found in this case, physical evidence that was lacking in the saga. Doesnt matter what I think now anyway, he got found not guilty.


But a lot of the specifics most likely aren’t in the public domain.

You’re basically relying on the reporting from the same people that reported on the saga. That’s how it compares.


That’s fair enough, I can cop that but unfortunately it doesnt change my opinion. Hope this is a wake up call for him to turn his life around in which case it would be the right verdict.


Is there some court order preventing reporting all the details of the case? Public trials are normally fully reported. I haven’t read any of it, but is there details the Gen Public would be unaware of?


There is a presumption of trafficking if possession is over certain quantities. He was able to rebut that presumption with other evidence. Earlier reporting said that some of the DNA evidence was contaminated in the lab , which could have been useful to his case, connected to whether some of the drugs could have been his tenant’s ( now in jail on drugs convictions).
Anyway, he has been given a 12 month (non-custodial) sentence on top of the fine. The mandatory terms of a non-custodial sentence are strict, including assignment of a case manager, reporting and prior permission to leave the State. There are additional terms that have been imposed. Any offence during that period could land him in jail, even if the second offence might not otherwise ordinarily require a custodial sentence.


To think someone with several million dollars in the bank is dealing drugs is pretty bizarre, more likely Bomber said heres a heap of money guys, give me my next 12 months supply…the scales were to ensure he didn’t get ripped off.

Believe no one has ever said he on sold drugs to them…so no not a dealer


Now when it comes to say, getting onto a really good, proper unadulterated source of euro Ecstasy tabs, you might say that makes sense, … until you realise they degrade over time.

Hard to grasp why a non pill taker (?) has 400 plus Eccies anyway really. That part is a bit of a head scratcher.


And the judge is corrupt ? Yeah head scratcher




So many different ways that Mr 1408 is a ■■■■■■■■. Not just climate change.


Could just be that people he parties with like ecstasy, and when he bought the ice in bulk he inquired about the flippas and they had 400 to sell. Might have only cost him 4K which is a lot to me but for a millionaire it’s only money.
Walk into any party and say “here’s 4 x ten packs, have fun” and you’ll be a legend. Do that 10 times and you run out…


Thing you are in the wrong thread. #flogposting is over there


Do they? I have read otherwise (depending on storage), albeit on the all-knowing internets


Hmm, . now you mention it, . it was the 90’s that that info was the story,… so anecdotal/generally accepted wisdom/possible rumour.

Haven’t updated or net checked as I would these days, … so you might be right??


No what I said was being a bully boy, calling people names when they say something he does like is weak as p:ss and generally being a farkin know it all rounds it off. If he wants to call me names do it to my face or STFU.

A court of law found Bomber was not dealing drugs. He made a few mistakes and going through a bad time in his life, he is a champion of of club, cut him some slack FFS


The internet is not the place if you want things face to face.

Now ■■■■ off with your veiled threats and find another forum.