Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police


For anyone who have made up their mind he was guilty of dealing prior to the court’s decision, I guess not. I don’t know what Bitcoin has got to do with it , I know a lot of people who are dabbling in Bitcoin, so what?

Bomber has had his day in court, people will think what people wanna think.

I hope he gets the support he needs to get through this and out the other side.


I’m of the view that drug use should be a medical issue, not a criminal issue. He was convicted of use, charges of trafficking dropped. The most effective intervention is to put the guy through rehab, give him the psychological care to address the root causes of his drug use. If this gives him the impetus to get treatment and turn his life around, then fantastic. I don’t see what benefit to the world a harsher sentence would have achieved.


If you’re selling drugs on the dark web you are using bitcoin for the transaction.


This is true… Isn’t it what the ‘dark web’ was invented for?
My view on what MT was up to would be ill informed so I won’t comment on that. However, posts on here that say someone with millions of dollars in the bank wouldn’t need, want or have an interest in dealing drugs is laughable!


Exactly, for starters that describes most drug dealers, cartels and Nacos :joy:


True… Not to mention all those ‘clean cut’ ‘pillars of society’ business men trying to maximise their profits.


Some users sell drugs to support their addiction. The point is that bomber made his fortune from footy & property and had other viable funding sources to buy ice. He’s not a trafficker. That has been established by the legal system.


I think his 400 pills were for personal use.
Anyone disagree?
Then I’ll fightt you at the merry go round in Canberra city at 4:00 Sunday.
Come @ me.


Seems a long way to go when so many want to punch me here.


I don’t reckon I know any (regular) drug user who hasn’t sold, on occasion.

What are you gunna do if you’re going to meet your actual proper contact, and - mate wants in…

“no, sorry Gary, that would break my code of ethics” ?


Absolutely how much someone has, has nothing to do with it.

For some ENOUGH is never ENOUGH. No matter how little or how much a person has, ENOUGH it is an internal experience which becomes an external behaviour.


Pretty sure they don’t. Don’t ask how i know…


Bomber is very lucky. He was most certainly trafficking. 400 pills and 30 grams of meth + +… Most people would get 5 years.


Difference between good lawyers and cheap lawyers.


100%. I know people that have been charged with trafficking for having 30 pills.



The pills were never proved to be his.


Press conferences


The meth alone is way more serious and i’m not sure if you understand how much 29 grams is, but it’s a lot. 2 grams can get you a trafficking charge. 29 grams is not for personal use.


Jaw chewing.

Chewing. Jaw.


He’s got very very good lawyers.