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Not sure if this is the right place for this, I wanted to know what was going on with the additional fan content that we were getting last year which hasn’t seemed to happen so far this year. We had the video stream of Julian De Stoop and Scotty Lucas for a review of previous game and preview of the next, we had bomber radio every week, The Hard Tag which I thought was great.

Does anyone have any idea if they are coming back or if anything is in the works? I thought the clubs ability to provide the fans tailored content last year was second to none but there doesn’t seem to be anything happening at all this year…


It’s being sent out with @choppsuey’s membership card


Well surely they wont be doing the Hard Tag. The players (Belly and Hooker) can’t be having fun.

I wonder if the change in management over the break has something to do with it. If they’re splashing out on “investments” like the esports team maybe they’re not so interested in giving away freebies

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Hard Tag was great i would like to see it back.
And Weekly episodes please, even if just short.

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Hard Tag was great. The weekly video with JDS and Scotty was also excellent. I’m surprised a club that has been so heavily invested in fan engagement over the past few years hasn’t done anything or made mention of anything and we are two weeks into the season.

Maybe a question for the cub. HTF would a random fan forum know?

Might have to get back on Twitter and ask Hooker and Bellchmabers when Hard Tag will be back!

I would assume there would be a few posters that are connected to the club that would have some idea as well as board members that might as well. It’s not that ridiculous of a question grumplepuss.


He so is!


Friday footy panel with Julian De Stoop and Scotty Lucas won’t be returning this year. I’m surprised with this decision by the club.

I’m still hoping for Hard Tag but haven’t heard if this is returning. @Catherine_Lio Do you have any idea??

That’s a real shame @Reboot

I am not happy about some of the the media changes.

  1. Match reports for AFL are generic stuff sourced directly from the AFL website mostly about the winning side.

  2. Audio content links not added to since 22/3/2018 ( about 2 weeks )

  3. A paucity of Bomber TV content


There’s a new Head of Digital at EFC - suspect most of these changes would be due to his appointment.

He;s doing a top job then.

We finally get some content that is high quality and actually very popular with members and fans, … and he says, “Nope,… fk that off, … we’ll replace it with nothing!”

Give that man a raise.


I feel the content on the website has taken a backwards step. Very basic game reviews and previews, little VFL content and even the injury report isn’t specific anymore. Crow now suggests player will be back “Soon” or when they have “hit a certain level”, whats wrong with saying player X will be back in 2-3 weeks.

I would love to see a detailed VFL report, listing every Essendon listed player that played and how they went. A podcast or video like Hardtag that has some personality and show players in a different light. A video previewing and reviewing the games, Roco and Robert Shaw together would be great.

I hope they have some good content in the pipeline because at the moment it has been pretty poor for the year 2018.


Yeah but we got Facebook message thing so that’s a win right?

Well if he’s the same man responsible for getting the Essendon player profiles updated with 2018 statistics.

If he’s the man… For such a useless tool (pun). Give the man twice the raise.

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I hear he is working on getting us live VFL coverage, and an Essendon focussed commentary for the live AFL games. **

** probably just dreamt it.

Just checked and the Podcast feed on iTunes still hasn’t had any new content since 22 March. This is so frustrating given this was before Round 1. As someone living overseas I loved how the Podcast feed would put all Essendon related interviews in one spot - made it simple to keep informed. As others have stated it’s very disappointing that we have lost the Friday previews that Scott Lucas and Julian de Stoop did last year. It was always a good listen.

@Catherine_Lio are you able to follow up/shed some light on what is happening?

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