Bomberblitz 4th BBQ! - it happened


I’m working in the afternoon, but Koala turning up changes everything…


awwwwww!!! :koala: :heart:


Yep, all good.


The big question is whether Hoffy has a similar data retention policy as Soulnet?


Sorry to hear, Soulnet. All the best to you and your partner.


As soon as the data is no longer required - delete. As for my own data retention as soon as Francis takes an intercept mark in front of us - everything else in my mind will be forgotten.


What does Sammy think of this?


After I typed that, I thought that the same may occur if Sammy kicks a couple o goals.


Wish I could be there. Too far to come over from the UAE.
Have a great time guys.
Will hopefully be in Aussie for a few weeks in July/August and would love to see every game whilst there and catch up with a few Blitzers.


I’ll probably come up the next week…but public transport only.


It would indeed be an honour to meet the great @Alan_Noonan_10


Thanks everyone for the kind words.

News is that missus is 99% ok but it’s the final 1% that’s sometimes the hardest to overcome.

Hopefully I can do this again next year or maybe it will be run so well that i’m not welcomed back!!!


Just confirmed a blitzer is coming from Singapore for the event.*

*Well will be here from Singapore that happened to fall on the BBQ day…



Me and the motley crew are merely the stand ins, you will always be the original. Good to hear things are heading in the right direction.


I want many many photos taken of all you magnificent weirdos please


speak for yourself SMJ!


You’re right, there are no weirdos on the internet…

(I count myself in this group most definitely!)


Latest list on things to bring.


15 attendees, so far.


Love to come along as I had a great time last year however, it’s work day