Bomberblitz 4th BBQ! - it happened


Hi all. I would love to come along on Thursday. I have 2 friends and a friend of a friend who would like to attend with me. We’d be happy to bring along whatever you’d like to contribute on the day. I tried to PM Hoffy, but am only a new member of Bomberblitz and didn’t seem to be able to.


Hi there @Glu just sent you a PM


Thanks Hoffy. I was able to reply to your PM


Was hoping to be able to attend this year, but it’s a work day for me, so no go.

@Glu welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Miss Ellie


Bummer you can’t make it!


Sicky time


19 now.


Would love to take a sickie, but have had quite a few days off since hubby’s stroke.

Other wise would have taken a sickie.


Hope he’s doing well.


He is going OK, improvement is at snail pace, has just been moved from hospital to rehab/aged care.

Still learning how to walk and no movement in his left arm. Just going a day at a time and know it’s going to be a long haul.

Thanks for your thoughts @domaura. :slightly_smiling_face:


This isn’t far away now.

If you haven’t been to EFC before it’s a really great day out. Nothing beats cheering Essendon surrounded by only Essendon people!


Is it really going to be only 20 degrees?


Only until the men take their shirts off…


apparently but it does get quite warm up on the balcony when the sun hits it.


I think most of us should keep our shirt on.


Hi all - it’s almost Thursday. We have 20 blitzers and friends attending. Just the final housekeeping to go.

Training starts at 1000hrs but the boys have a habit of being on the track 10-20 mins earlier, 9.30hrs is probably a good time. Generally - the BBBBQ is over by 1300hrs.

The Hangar - 275 Melrose Drive, Melbourne Airport

Head straight up the stairs to the 2nd level balcony (cafe is on ground level)

Parking is on-site - it can be full but as it is work day, we should be right.

It’s going to be around 19deg but it can be both sunny and cold - be prepared for both outcomes.

Any hassles - pm

Final list of contributors (but feel free to bring anything else that you may think of):

Sausages (Deckham and Koala)
Cookings Utensils (Robin_Close)
BBQ Cleaner (Hoffy)
Sauces (Hoffy)
Napkins (Robin_Close)
Bread (SiMfiR)
Onion (Coldblood)
Plastic cutlery (Deckham)
Rubbish Bags (Hoffy)
Kanga steak (Koala)
Burger patties (Glu)
Soft Drink (MattPocock18)
Ice (Glu)
Plastic Cups (Deckham)
Coleslaw (Glu and Jodi)
Donuts (Glu’s mate)
Slow cooked spicy onions
Bacon (Glu)
Paper plates (Deckham)
Salad (Koala)
Pot of Coffee (looking at you BSD).

PM if you still want to attend.


Good work Hoffy et al.


Very true DJR.

In fact, bears repeating



Thanks all for organising. I’ll be running my beloved around Thursday morning, so I’ll be there closer to 11.