BomberBlitz Forum Footy Day

So I know we have finals to worry about first but here we go.

So after all interest from other sites seem to have died over the last few years I have decided to try and revive forum footy as an inter blitz thing. After discussions in a previous thread I have gone with what I think would be the best option for us.

Date: Sunday Oct 8th

Venue: Gosch’s Paddock (Melbourne’s training ground)

Time: 11.30am (arrive at 11 for grading and team selection)

Format: 1 Game of full contact footy

Numbers needed: Minimum 30 including ring ins. This will give us enough for 15 a side.

How it will work:

@theDJR and @wimmera1 will be our coaches

I will ask each player to grade themselves out of 5 based on the forum footy “standard”

DJR and Wimm will then use these gradings to pick balanced teams.

What to do: express your interest below including number of ring ins and I will update this post.

As per normal will also be happy to take helpers for things such as scoring, time keeping and running water. I will be talking to my mate who has umpired our games before to see if he can do that for us but worse case I’ll sit the game out and umpire myself.

So that’s it let’s hope this works.

Interested in or Confirmed playing:
Scotty21 + 2 ring ins
Dingus (pending funds/approval from Mrs Dingus)
Alber Goodthur + 1 Ring In
Chris 1993
Bomber 1408 + 1 ring in
Interested in helping:
True Value Blitzer

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On some strange parallel forum Woosha is calling for Wimms sacking :smiley:


Very possible I could make my debut. I am a solid 1/5 skill wise by any standard. If we want to introduce scrums though, I am a mean prop.


I’m a solid 0/5 and once kicked 3 goals in a match. You’ll be fine.

Have done a fair bit of umpiring so am more than willing to should it be needed :slight_smile:

My umpire has 95% committed but can I hold you on standby? Would you otherwise by playing?

Sounds good! I doubt I will play as I farken hate playing but happy to help in any capacity if needed

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If my finances have recovered in time I may venture over.

Solid 4/5 skills, -82/5 fitness. Van Der Haar smokes at half time compulsory.

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Very interested in playing. Very possibly my brother as a ring but will need to confirm his travel plans.

Solid 2/5 skills for both.

Same as Dingus re: Van Der Haar smokes.

If the high performance coach agrees would also like to trial steak and beers pre-game, during game and post-game

I got switched forward for a last quarter once: kicked two and gave two goals away to others. For some reason my opponent didn’t take me very seriously.

You don’t need to be a star to take Mark of the Century ™. Helps to be me, though.

Despite being a lah-de-dah engineer like Hirdy, I will be taking a back pocket plumber approach to my coaching.

I would nearly consider a 3 hour drive down the Hume for this… of course the hard part will be convincing Mrs Brem that it’s a good idea to drive to Melbourne and play a game of football with a bunch of weirdos from the Internet while she stays home with the nose pickers.


Yeah the only difference is you drive 3 hours to spend time with nose pickers.


I might be able to swing a business trip down from Qld and make it work.

1/5 skill and I’m getting a bit long in the tooth at 42 but I’ll give my opposition forward curry in a crusty Mick Martin kind of way

Get me on video link at half time to deliver a rev up



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I’m officially out, ruptured appendix. No miraculous, Wada compliant, recovery for me…

Does Wim tag?


It’s like his main thing.

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Keen. Haven’t played footy in a while, and last time I did some ex-prisoner belted my nose in for being a smart ■■■■.

So skills probably around 3/5 but sledging around a 6/5.

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Dexter (?) was 99/5 for sledging.