Bomberblitz Live Reaction Cast

So an idea that was posted in the post roos post game thread that started off as lolz actually got me really intrigued.

Before I even consider starting to plan it I wanted to see what the overall thoughts of blitz would be.

Ok so what I am thinking of doing is some form of live reaction cast. This could be a video YouTube stream (if we get permission from @Riolio to use the blitz account and if we get all “hosts” in one place) or just get us all on Skype and upload an audio stream if we can’t get everyone in one place.

So when do I want to do it? GC game
How? Depends on the above.

I’ll need to know a few things before I start to think about putting this together.

A. Who of the blitz regulars would be interested in hosting with me? No more than say 4 hosts

B. Who would actually watch or listen live or recorded.



Would love to be involved, and if I couldn’t then I’d watch/listen to the hell out of it.

I’ll be watching the game…

Periscope would be perfect for this.

I’ll be going troppo in the comfort of my own home, or the local, as per all interstate games, but i’d probably view a recording after the fact.

Sorry didn’t make that clear enough and confused myself. Would record live and release next day or two

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Ah. :smiley: So you want Gogglebox for blitz?


Um pretty much yes :smiley: thanks for that!

I generally watch the game live, and listen to whatever commentary I can find that I can stomach. Often the indigenous radio station because I find them more honest in their enjoyment of the game.

I will always watch a replay of the game unless it was an embarrassing loss that I cannot stomach sitting through again. When watching the replay I am “stuck” with whatever poor excuse for a commentary team is on that game. Would I gladly swap their commentary for a live reaction podcast from Blitzers? O M G yes.

It could be the poorest quality, most insipid excuse for a commentary in the history of the world, and I’d probably still come in here afterwards and say it improved my enjoyment of the match.


Ohhhh, I thought it would be a simulcast sort of thing.
Rather listen to us than tv commentary.

Still keen.

From chatting with others via pm I think im going to aim for something that falls in the middle of a googlebox style show and calling the game



You know…separate thing, but…
We really should do a half hour preview (at least) to watch on the day of the game…


With me - I don’t look at blitz during the matches whether I’m at the game or watching on TV.

After the games I read through the Match Thread for the rollercoaster of emotion then I’ll read the Post Match Thread after that.

Maybe have it so in the Post Match Thread people can type their thoughts and then answers/opinions can be given by the ‘hosts’.

Could even do polls for certain players to gauge their performances.

I’m getting back into the country a few hours before that game so I’m either going to it or collapsing into bed.

why not both?

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I’ll give it a crack.


I’d love it.

Unless it is an amazing shot of the game though, I won’t care about watching as much as I would about putting the audio track over the game - like a press red for GS option.


Hmmm no. Live would be better.

Combining shtposting and podcasting. Colour me intrigued.

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This could be huge.