BomberBlitz Player Sponsorship for 2017


Tippa and Longy and a third player confirmed. Seeking contributors towards a fourth player!

greetings all!

Seeking interest in sponsoring some players in 2017!

In 2016, we sponsored Tippa, Yestin, Gach and Longy. I’d like to continue sponsoring Tippa and Longy, and I’m guessing most of you would too, so that’s our initial aim!

The price has gone up slightly to $750 per player, so for each sponsorship we’d need 19 people each contributing $40, or 38 people altogether for two players. The extra $10 gathered per player will be donated to the Bill Hutchison Foundation -

What do you get personally for that? well, truthfully not a lot! The money doesn’t actually go to the players of course, or it would cause all sorts of issues with salary cap etc – it’s a donation to the club. We’ll receive an invitation for two people per player to attend the Player Sponsor Cocktail Party and signed framed pictures of the players (last year these were allocated by a random draw among those who put their hands up).

But the main thing is, you get the warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping players feel adored and appreciated :smiley:

If there are more than 38 people keen to take part, we’ll aim for a third sponsorship, and so on!

Please add your name below or send me a PM if you are interested! Money will be collected mid February.


Count me in Koala. :slight_smile:

Would love to be in again :smile:


In, Tippa and Longy good to go.

If funds allow, FRIDGE and BLITZ are a perfect match.

I’m in again too, thanks Koala! :slight_smile:

In thank you.

Count me in too please Koala.

Fine with anyone we pick, but would be great to get behind some of the lessor-known newer guys like Morgan, Stewart or Begley if there’s enough interest (after Tippa, of course).

I’ll be in this year too please!

Yestin eades

I’m in too. Thanks.

Me & the missus please.

Yestin eades
not currently on the list of available players ;)

Love to be in again.



Put me down for the first two and a third if it comes to that.

I’m in.

Please count me in :wink:

Count me in thanks Koala

I’m back in again this year, thanks!