Bomberblitzcast LIVE

We’re testing this for the live half time show

Bens a little quiet.


Please call the game. Save us!

Sounds good guys. Should definitley do a whole game.

Keep going, damnit.

I was enjoying syncing my DVR for your commentary…

BIRD is the word.


How was the 30 second live call?

It’s all about me, damnit. For the next 28 hours anyway.

You could be going full Fark Carlton right now. 12-0, blow the siren.

No half time show. Next time!


Live podcastalogical experiment never adequately controlled…

It would have been freakin’ awesome to hear an hour of swearing at the umps as the alternate commentary.

And then, after a twenty minute break, another hour of it.

That was pretty much my lounge room…

Sorry I couldnt tune in live but keep moving forwards boys. Love it.
Groom is only on the lower side of Very Safe so there is still hope for a HEMP/Sex/Motoring Enthusiast Party Troika.
Vote Right Ben!!!



Nup we both have things on tonight, possibly before the game at some stage