Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


Hang on.

I haven’t received any support from the club?

I’ll just waddle out to the letterbox.
I’m sure the checks in the mail.




So I have a new playstation. But I think I’m the equivalent of an orange boy for the Nunawading 5ths.

Got no idea.

Anyone recommend a game or two?


I only play sport games. FIFA and Madden are good options. I don’t play it, but NBA is quite a good game too.

If you’re a cricket fan, the new Ashes game is actually quite good. Wouldn’t bother too much with AFL.

If you’re not into sport games, ignore this post.


Is this right?




I really badly want to see that film now.
Carry on.


You and me both, though sadly I don’t have a copy handy. I do have a copy of this - so it may win!




not sure if fishing, just being difficult for the sake of it or you genuinely don’t understand there are other team based games out there you haven’t played…


For BD, it was Tuesday…


True. But the misconstrued over reactions that occur here will never cease to amaze.





So my teenager son who has no interest in footy wandered out of his room this morning and said …

‘Hey Mum, I hear Essendon’s bought an esports team. That’s kinda cool’

We went on to have a ten minute conversation about LoL, well if you can call him talking and me nodding a conversation.

I learned some stuff and he learned some stuff and all while we were talking about Essendon Footy club.

Was great!


:cry: That might be the most beautiful thing I’ve read this year.


You need to get out more. :sunglasses:


Pretty sure that’s not what you’d call a conversation.


Worsfold on the esports players: “They’re athletes…apparently”

Actually, I’m warming to the idea now. Apparently we are going to make a fortune out of this and all it’s going to cost is a large TV, an X-box, a couch and a few cheesy crust pizzas.


Compared to the norm of me opening the bedroom door and calling dinner… it’s a not only a conversation, it’s a connection.