Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


What’s with the stupid farking names?


It’s a brave new world.

I like it.


What a great question @RedandBlackPartisan


I tell you what would be interesting, is if they got any traction by getting these guys to train members how to improve their play.


Come to to think of it @samwoods, (tough name and all), my pet goldfish have more intimidating names than those e-sports blokes!


Yes, but are your goldfish gadget type operators?


So we’ve recruited a K-Pop boy band and a token white guy. I feel like I’ve never known less about something than esports :crazy_face:


I’m confident I would have these blokes covered on Goldeneye multiplayer.


So we’ve gone heavy on Korean players, clearly Dodoro has been researching winning esports list management techniques.


I just watched my first game (replay)of LoL.
I have no idea what’s going on.
Looks cool though.


Ha! Hell no! Their fins aren’t that dexterous. (well played by the way) All they do is just laze about all day or scavenge for food so they can feed their fat faces. Now I wonder who that reminds me of?


I’m a solid gamer. Never had the twitch reaction speed to play hon or lol. Seriously impressive skill, I have no interest in watching it, but I respect it. The multitasking, situational awareness, twitch speed and tactics is remarkable.


Proximity mines FTW


Anything but this?


What’s that you say, Mr RedandBlackPartisan?




I read FBI and Rogue and wondered what scandal we were involved in now!


How many women are there in this league?


This site is full of smartarses! Obviously I need an intimidating name of my own. It needs to be tough but computer / nerd related, something like HARD DRIVE or RAM.

That’ll learn ya!


Or Claire.