Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


When does the eSports season start?

Or is it preseason as well?


You’ve seen me in my private moments, havent you? I didnt realise my webcam was on.

e-claire might be more suitable, so I can call myself “Choco” as in chocolate eclaire.




*takes deep breath…



I’m worried we don’t have enough indigenous players.


No oddjobs allowed either. Legit cheating.


I seriously could not be less interested in this esports stuff.
Escorts on the other hand…


Ford Cosworths?


You called it!


So, just spoke to my son who plays LoL and he explained the heavy Korean influence. Apparently you can go to University in Korea on a LoL scholarship, I kid you not. He also said that the top players outside Korea would only be mid range in Korea at best. He hasn’t heard of these guys because he isn’t playing at that level but he did say that if Balkan has gone from rookie to 700LP in only a couple of months in the Solo Queue he must be a brilliant player.


I often say never say never, but this is one ‘sport’ which I am almost certain will never taken off or become anywhere close to mainstream in this country.

Surprised we are still moving forward with it. LOL is just not a spectator sport in any way, shape or form. 99% of games are in the same category.

In fact, i think even if the popularity did increase, it would be counter-productive to our actual sport of footy and keep kids from playing.

Just a strange business decision. Perhaps we will add in gambling to the games then we can merge the pokies with LOL?



I think the e-sports team is much more about advertising to non traditional audiences. If we pay each of these guys 100k, it would still be our best bang for buck advertising by a significant margin. Brand awareness is everything. The more people see that Bombers emblem, the more the “brand” is worth, the more we can ask for in sponsorship dollars. To me, the gaming side is unimportant for the most part, but exposure to the sheer numbers that watch and play this game is worth the spend.


It’s only a matter of time before we break that elusive East Asian market. Kevin Sheedy will be frothing at the thought of Essendon playing a game in Seoul. /s-ish


It is absolutely huge with a particular demographic. Ask a 17yo boy and they’ll prolly be able to tell you all about it.

But advertisers like that specific segmentation type stuff, target their ads to the right people. So there’s money in it, if done right.


Do you have kids or know of any people from the age of 10-20? It’s as mainstream among that demographic as AFL is I’d say.


There are over 300,000 registered Aistralian accounts on LOL.
You would actually be astoubded how popular this game is.

And to the point of not a spectator sport…
The world championships had 52,000 odd at the event and i think over 50 million streamers worldwideimages-41


Use old people talk. Viewers not streams.


I still can’t read any of these recruiting articles without assuming they’re an April fools pisstake.

“Rogue is a really strong player that has proven himself time and time again to be one of the best support players in the region," Essendon’s Head of Esports Nathan Mathews said.

"I am extremely excited to watch his progress over the next six to 12 months as we look to further develop his skill set.”

Wtaf!? Bizarre stuff imo.

Hope it makes us millions.


yes no doubt - as I said in this country!

You can look to how big it has grown overseas - yet how many ‘teams’ make money today? Not many, if any!

Australia will never get to this level in decades - we will always be the ‘a-league’ of the sport (no matter what the soccer nerds tell you!)

Mark Cuban is on record as saying he is a fan, and wants to get involved but not at the team level. Why? like soccer clubs I guess, that is the hardest point to monetize the industry. It will become a money pit for 99.9% of the clubs whilst everyone else around you is banking coin.


nah dont know any.

You obviously have a different definition of mainstream as me. Plus - I am not talking about video games per se becoming mainstream (yes they are for this demographic) I am talking about video games the spectator sport (paid or otherwise) becoming mainstream. Massive difference.

I actually logged in to the Essendon LOL games - the number of streamers was pitiful. hundreds, up to a couple K. None of which are paying (not necessarily a problem but for reference).

Hardly anywhere close to mainstream.