Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


Will it? What is our investment in it?


who cares but I bet we, the members never get a real answer on this, I was talking in a global sense.


Well - you care. You said just above.

"It will become a money pit for 99.9% of the clubs whilst everyone else around you is banking coin."

And 'you bet’.
You assume a lot of things, as support to your argument.


Lol is the word… EVERY state is investing in this. Could be a potential tourism draw to get the Asian market into Australia. HUGE sums of money are invested in this in Asia. Might not be every person’s cup of tea, but eSports is a significant money earner, and a way to get supporters and money into the club to help the AFL team from those countries. I am ahuge supporter of this, but we need to steal at least a big name player from asia.




And VFLW team gets a couple of hundred to them too? Point is it starts somewhere.

As i mentioned a week or two ago before these new players came, i said they would target Koreans which is the key. This will generate new buzz and hopefully get the streamers to 5k. That is definitely the target.

The pretentious nature of supporters who completely abuse any idea the club has to generate new fan base, income and overall brand recognition is unbelievable.

Also heres a list of notable owners to combat your one comment on Mark Cuban says blah blah. Cuban, the gospel for whats good in business 100% of the time.

Madison square Gardens company
Joe Montana
Chamath Palihpathiya - golden state warriors owner
Alexis ohanian - reddit founder
Neil leibmann - texas rangers owner
New york yankees - just a small little business
Joe Lacob - gsw owner
Dan Gilbert - cleveland cavaliers owner
Houston rockets
Shaqueille oneil

That is just the North american teams.


I’m wondering…what will happen when a new game comes out that replaces LOL?

Because…computer games don’t stay on top forever…do they?


Knowing how to run a team is the main thing. The game itself is secondary. If a new game comes out that attracts a serious competition, then you find players and a coach and go from there.

That being said, Starcraft was played professionally for 15 years, so there isn’t a big risk of the game being superceded overnight.


It’ll probably be called “lel”


Whilst we are targeting Koreans, can we also try and create our own Essendon branded K-pop group? There’s a truckload of money in them as well.



They had enough embarrassment with a flash mob and you want a K-pop band?




I’d rather they do those quirky games shows that the K-Pop stats go on.

By which I mean I wish they’d bring back the Little League show on a Saturday morning.


Bring back It’s a Knockout


How is Ricky May travelling these days?


Died in 88, so I’m guessing nicely decomposed.


A KPOP group that only ever performs to one song: "See the Bombers fly up!"


They can do “let’s get loud”.




Bombers have started well. 2 wins in the es arly season. Whilst the opponents were also, considering all new players couldn’t have asked for a better start