Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


Mate, that helped me out immensely. Read every word. Loved it.


Thanks Mate. Ill do another next week and see how it goes. will try refine it a bit better


Well done Mr spoon, most interesting, chess has nothing on this !


Really good mate. I enjoyed it. Keep it up.

So we lost the next game? What happened?


Excellent, well done, man. Appreciate the effort and dedication.
Go Bombers.


Would not read again but that was a pretty damn well-told story.

P.S. Fark Legacy.


Needs work. but I have a base to continue on from now. will be easier when I can detail certain moves with AFL references to make more sense to people haha


but thats all Essendon fans have to hold on to??


Can we get this thread name changed to Bombers Esports - FARK LEGACY?


Awesome write up Poon, thanks heaps for that. I’m tempted to go back and re watch the game now with some proper context.

I’ve watched 50 or so games of LoL in my time but didn’t know most of the stuff you’ve spoken about there so it’s very helpful!


Great stuff Poon!


I read it. It reminded me of this.


Dude that was awesome thanks so much.


Where are people viewing the games? Twitch? YouTube? Live or on replay?


For me, if you’re browsing on your phone at all, it’s worth having the twitch app, it let’s you overlay the video overyour phone so you can keep browsing etc, it also has background audio for streams if your phones locked or you’ve minimised it.

They also have the videos on there, games start at 4pm on Friday and saturdays. full schedule for the first half of the year so you can see what time bombers games start.


I watch on twitch, but youtube is just as easy. Syth is good with his comment too


Sweet, I didn’t know the channel to follow. RiotgamesOCE it is!


What is the bombers letter abreviation?


Bmr :slight_smile:


Not a bad view on the bigscreen