Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


Bombers another victory


Friendship with afl team over. Esports team new best friend.


Everyone loves a winner.

It’ll be even better when poon explains what that means.




65 as I compensate


■■■■■■ A! Another win, exciting game today too, those full team kills were great.

Sitting equal on the top of the ladder now! 5 wins 1 loss

And yep, popping it on the big screens the way to do it, much easier.

Poon, does LoL offer in game client game viewing like dota? If so I might be tempted to install…


The amazing thing is they’ve done this despite all of them failing to get a full pre-season with us.


Do you mean to stream opl bombers games or to view normal game that your friends are playing etc?


Dota does both. And I think you can spectate pro games with commentary whilst controlling the camera yourself in the client?


Yeh that’s what I meant sorry, the in client viewing of pro games


I dont think so but honestly never tried.

I think its all twitch and YouTube.

Should download LOL again, ill walk you through it all, play with the poon


Noob comment coming up…

Whenever I see footage of these Essendon games, I can’t make out what is actually happening…for starters, I can’t even work out which avatars are representing Essendon in the battle…so…is it ridiculous to suggest that Essendon esports play in Essendon colours? Can the game be customised in terms of avatar colours? If they’re already doing this, I can’t make it out…

And the sash shouldn’t be too droopy if it’s digital.


I’m not 100% sure on this, but I believe both sides have different advantages and disadvantages, and that colour is tied to which side of the map you’re playing from.

Which is why the colours always differ, but I can see it can be a bit odd, but most online games stick to two colours and yeh… Worth just memorising red or blue as the game starts, the players name / healthbar is always hovering there and should be the easiest way to know.

Also, another 2 wins for the lads this weekend, Chiefs are currently playing the crows (legacy) and if they win they’ll be equal on the ladder 4 weeks in with us on 7-1. Meanwhile Legacy are going to be sitting 2nd to last or equal last depending on if they win or not today…


Do we have a plan B?


Apologies will have my reviews soon,. just busy at the moment doing nothing.

In respect to avatars, Thats a good idea, however its best to simply understand the colour coordination. EG if Bombers base is bot side, they are blue, if top side they are red. This means the health bars will be in those colours.

Understanding the champions and what they do is obviously the main point, and really LOL should have an ability to click something and give you a quick 2 sentence rundown on them,


Very clean win today. Tougher challenge tomorrow against Chiefs.


And we get the win against Chiefs to go outright top of the table.

Looking forward to someone explaining in very simple words why we keep winning. :grin:


You know how we only lost 1 game in 2000.

That’s the explanation of what is happening here.


Except in 2000 we didn’t fire the whole team and import a bunch of Koreans to replace them.


Lucky there’s no salary cap!

Both games this weekend were domination, legacy looked so lost.