Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


Bringing home trophies!


Well done lads.

Won the grand final 3-0.

Very impressive.


What does this mean??

Have we got back our investment here now or what?


Is this a good thing?


They’ll be representing Oceana in the Asian tournament.


The Mid - Season Invitational (abbreviated MSI) is an annual League of Legends tournament hosted by publisher Riot Games since 2015. It is the second most important international League of Legends tournament aside from the World Championship.

Last year’s tourament winner of MSI took home $1.4 mill


Well then, … here’s hoping they win that barstard then.

How much is our cut of the $1.4 mill??

90% ?? (Cha Ching) :smirk:


Going international ■■■■■■.


“The finals between China’s representative Royal Never Give Up (RNG) and Kingzone Dragon X from South Korea was watched by 60M unique viewers, peaked at 19.8M concurrent viewers, and averaged 11M concurrent viewers.”

This is from last years MSI finals, the tournament we are now representing Oceania in.
To help provide some scale for those that are new to this.

Our current games usually have 3000-8000 viewers in our local league.


Sponsorship is where we are making the money in this. It’s actually huge for the club. Sponsorship-wise, it sets us apart from every other AFL club.

In fact this will get a bigger audience than an AFL grand final.


crows did it last year didn’t they?


Norf wishes they had those numbers


Adelaide definitely have a team but it isn’t branded the same as the club. Their team is Legacy.


I promise never to mock their tough names ever again.


Can anyone do this…tell me an Essendon AFL player that is analogous to each of the esports players?

I think it would help my appreciation…


they’re winners.

we don’t have anyone to directly compare to.


Okay who’s James Hird, who’s Gavin Wanganeen, who’s Matthew Lloyd, Lucus …


They both don’t care whether you appreciate them or not


failed coach, port legend, ■■■■ commentator/media personality, had a good podcast once


Poor choice of words on my part. I meant it more positively, in the sense that it would ‘help me understand and identify them’.