Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


First game is May 1st, 8pm aest


We are rank outsiders.


Hope we can pick up a game here and there. :grimacing:


I was told we were in the ‘really difficult’ side of the draw. Hopefully we can knock a team or two off.


I saw the team is using RMIT’s Vietnam campus as their base. Interesting confluence of EFC partnerships.


Anyone watching it tomorrow? ill be streaming from home, but was thinking of heading in GG in the citty


I plan to stroke my beard and nod sagely when I see the results posted here.


I might get to watch the first set of games, but I’ll just have to dream the last couple.


FTFY, … :wink:


How fair is the umpiring in this sport ?


Well, the rules are hard coded into the games software so there’s no room for interpretation. I think we’ll be fine, you could say its logic is black and white… wait… oh… oh no. PLAY ON!


I grew a neck beard for the occasion.


Just an update, our first game tomorrow is now at 7, theyve had to move a few days games around due to 2 days of mourning in Vietnam.

would love to have hit up GG to watch this, but I’ve just moved to Adelaide, no esports bars here yet…


Would it be correct to make the assumption that this change moves all the games forward 1 hour?


To put the viewership into context for everyone who doesnt know much, there are currently 5,000 people streaming the games, and it doesnt start for 15 minutes. I expect it to hit 20k or near for this group stage active online


How do I watch… how do I watch.


It’s at 33,000 views now


22k viewers already~!


Sorry I mean 33,000 views on Twitch at the moment.


So, with multiple viewing platforms provided by streaming the numbers could be at 50k??


not a good start, going too hard too rarly