Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers, but only beat two international teams


Agree Jack, … Darts etc too,

EGames would be a more apt title. Sport doesn’t just imply competition, it has to be physical to earn that moniker.


This. We need an EFC Overwatch League team.


No plans on this sorry guys - the team plays League only as far as I’m aware.

Never know what the future may hold if this is successful I guess!


The current OWL is fully subscribed but I expect Blizzard will expand it at some point. Would be great to get the first Aus franchise, I imagine you would pick up the majority of Aus support which would be great for the club.


i’m sure @Portable_Mink is still arguing with somebody somewhere about the superiority of the XBox over the playstation controllers. Or was it @TDSpartan ?



I’m an almost 50 year old who plays games, I also have a job, a wife, 2 kids and have done lots of things over my lifetime. It’s about balance.

I know people that sit in a pub all day everyday, have no wife, no life, its not the games that do it, its the personality type.

Just because you don’t ‘get it’ doesn’t mean you have to rag on it.


if there was eSports in Wankword Bingo, the Rodster just dominated.


I keep misreading it. I thought we had invested in escorts.


I don’t think you get it. Everyone who plays games is a nerd loser with no self control and should be made fun of. Clearly we should all be more like bloodstained devils and only sink ■■■■ at the pub and dream of how good we were at footy in highschool


Lol. Sensitive!

I’m just speaking on what I’ve seen/personal experience. Of course that’s not everyone, … but these guys are lost to life.


It would be pretty boring watching “ya mates” play kick to kick in the backyard too, but you still go watch the Bombers play.


Good too see the club supporting other athletes.


Monster energy drink and Doritos are prohibited substances.


My anecdote is better than yours.



Yet are probably so happy and content with their life that they don’t need to go to an online forum to put someone else’s life down?


Another perfectly acceptable revenue stream.

I wonder what will be sent in the membership package.


Yeah mate I’m in the wrong cause I’m sensitive. That makes sense. It couldn’t possibly be you just being a ■■■■.

And I hear there are footy players who do drugs and others who cheat on their missus with underage girls. These lads must be lost to life. Can believe our club has anything to do with em.

I know things you don’t understand can be scary but maybe it’s best not to comment on them and if you can’t restrain from that maybe just don’t be derogatory. But I donno man I’m not your boss.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.


Did you read that article? lol