Bombers are the OPL eSports premiers


Holy ■■■■! There’s a blue Mountain Dew?




Party at the Goathouse!


Mimic from the Bombers won the Raydere medal. Basically the MVP of the OPL. Brilliant player and very consistent.

And i do wanna go to that after party above…


Balkhan comparison to rioli is valid

Just looks 1 level smarter than everyone else around him, even his team. Makes really hard skill moves look like childs play to him, just pure reliable class and aggression.


Yeah I will go with that. Rioli a good match. For the others I think the following:

Rogue: solid, dependable. Gary O’Donnell
FBI: Great pressure and role player. hmm thinking…
Mimic: Gun Recruit. Dylan Shiel
Ry0ma: Smooth operator. Leon Baker


FBI is raz, sharp shooter, able to skirt contests and not be taken down, classy skill execution


Rogue is the big bodied tank support isn’t he? If that isn’t David Myers I don’t know what is


Videos will be uploaded here ASAP after games Brett:


Sweet. I subscribed to the channel on youtube, but not fast it seems in putting up.

Been watching some international games as well. Quite a different style. There team fights are very well coordinated. Be curious as to how we go.


Without being too pessimistic the OPL has always been very far behind the standard of international play. Obviously we are getting better

Highest quality games to be had are at worlds, definitely recommend having a watch and picking a favorite team :wink:


According to Balkhans Twitter hes in Korea…

I’ll assume this means the whole team is and they’re training hard.

A lot of the other teams for the MSI have been named now, and the idea as a mad Starcraft fan of seeing Bombers vs Team Liquid is insane, and very very exciting.


It’s Essendon. You know they’ll be visiting a family winery.