Bombers Coach Killers

It’s still relevant. Surely we can attempt to add Cameron to the list…

It’s ok Vanders, most of us are pretty on top of the facts. Maybe it’s because we’re so flighty and rubbish at times, that losing to us is the last straw. If these guys were losing to very good, consistent teams, it wouldn’t be a surprise - lose to Essendon: don’t let the door hit your ■■■■ on the way out. Sort of like us losing to St.Kilda, and Port and scraping over the line against Gold Coast and North…etc etc… You see how it works?

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i for one welcome our new DonWillo overlord

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Losing to Essendon is shameful.

Do we get to claim Hinkley too if the dockers do them properly and Port drop him like an after grog bog?


Will use that.

Saw the thread title and thought we might be in for a satisfying list of all coaches who’ve been sacked after losing to Essendon.

So I’ll start with an oddity - feel free to add

2007 Neale Daniher Melbourne

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Lol, no stress. Just wait until you do a review thread before @SMJ

Are we Coach Killers?
Had a bit more time, so focussing on the last 30 or so years here’s a list by Club of the last side played by coaches sacked mid year.

Essendon- Daniher, Buckanara, Bolton, Lyon

Adelaide- Walls, Blight, Laidley
Brisbane- Pagan
Collingwood- Williams Neeld
Footscray- Ayres, Wallace,
Freo- Northey, Eade
Geelong- Wheeler, Bailey, Malthouse, Richardson
GWS- Primus
Norf - Connolly, Schwab
Richmond- Voss
Saints - Craig
Sydney- Drum, Joyce

Noticeable that despite losses to ■■■■ sides often being a trigger, FarkCarlton has failed to kill off any coaches recently.

But, given our mixed fortunes over the last three decades, at least this is something we seem to be good at

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I lost my ■■■■ watching the start of that.

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Oh yeah, hearty belly laugh. And the Curb reference at the end. Too good.

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Thanks @choppsuey Fantastic video memories.