Bombers fail to win their second local eSports premiership - you’re cut


*not by me obviously. I only play Nintendo games…

First Bitcoin now Esports. I have no idea what is going on in the world anymore.


Computers, mostly.


PUBG team pls. And CS 1.6.


does anyone even play cs 1.6 anymore?

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To put it in perspective mate. They tournament they had for this year attracted 60 million viewers. For the final alone. Which is about 3 times the population of the county.

Also the winners took home over a million in prize money. If you don’t get it just think of it as another way for the club to earn money and attract international sponsorship


E sport is huge overseas and attracts loads of followers and sponsors. IIRC it was Michelle Verroken that said they went to the players (mostly young gamers) to consult on ways to establish structures.

The EFC should beware a tops down power grab of the AFL running the show and licences ( without club decisions) and without any input from the “athletes” , who would not be the players as we know them.
The AFL is probably banking on any E sport involving Australian rules type sport as being owned by the AFL. That needs to be contested.

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Because you must follow the money/trend. I’ve clicked on the links, and read the info, and I’m no clearer on wtf this thing is - and I’m not sure I care.

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No idea. Shows my age though.

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I don’t get it, but I want to have some idea. Tell me wtf it is. What is happening and why is it being watched?

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we’re on CS GO now man.

to put it in even more perspective.

people watch darts and billiards.

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Its the most played online game in the world, by far. dominates in asia.

I have no idea what this Esports is.


Do we get to fark Fark Carlton in esports? If so, I’m all about it.


If they get into eSports the rivalry begins.

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The game it’s self is kinda like a game of chess, very strategic. I’ve never played the actual game myself but have watched a few games here and there.

Like anything professional it takes a lot of skill and training to be world class at it. People watch because they are exerting a great deal of skill, technique and strategy playing.

It’s like a sport you don’t follow. You don’t get it at first, more you watch the more you pick up the minute details that make it really interesting.

I personally follow golf or basketball but I can definitely understand why people watch it. It’s similar to that but because it’s video games some people don’t get it. Not their fault (or yours, not having a dig) it’s just not their thing.


It’s not you its the E talking


For those interested.


And this!

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