Bombers figures

Mum was pulling out all my old toys for my son. You’d think you would throw them out after 30 years. But found classics!
Anyone else remember these?


Had it since about 98. Nose is chipped due to intense battling with my brother’s Richo figure of the same kind.


I did have a Hird floating around somewhere.

Mercuri was my favourite player as a kid, so that had Prime position on the mantle piece.

I always sensed that Hird was a Brown noser!

I thought it was because McVeigh caved his face in


I’ve got an Alessio one somewhere, used to have it on a shelf with various other EFC things.

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The morning sun really brings out ses’s features


Not sure about the proximity to the tissues…

What the fark is with the Hird one? If it didn’t have a name on it I’d actually have no idea who it’s supposed to be

Dare I say it’s not a very good caricature of the great man…


Blonde white men are always getting picked on

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■■■■■■ Ayrians

Lucky they had names on them. If you only showed the head you would not know who it is.

I got some of those Russian dolls type thingies in Prague thinking someone else wanted them, but no…they’re currently in my living room. Zach, BJ, Zaka and Kelly from outside in…2 gone plus KIA on the jumper. No attempts at likenesses.

The range this guy had was incredible. I reckon if I’d asked for Warrnambool District FNL, he’d have had them under the counter. Near the Charles Bridge in a back alley.

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SES likes to have a weep about our lack of achievement since he retired

I’ve got these floating around the house somewhere. Had a bunch but got rid of them all except the Bomber players and Paul Salmon’s Hawks figure.

I think Albert had another point to make…

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Don’t think SES would appreciate that at all.

I reckon (insert your minority) are way overblown from getting picked on in mainstream society.

Perhaps I’d concede Muslims, simply because of the bad news wrap dickheads have given them. (terrorists, bigots etc etc)