Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

Nah, just salary cap cheated.


Another belting win as expected. Boys are in a league of their own (pun intended).

To explain to the uninterested, not the rules but what it means to be sitting on top at this stage, which maybe generate some interest…

Currently - it means absolutely nothing

Except - we are pretty much guarenteed a seat in the 2019 playoffs.

Playoffs? What is this??

Top 5 teams from the current format go through to a featured tournament. Current format ends the first week of the AFL season - good timing and 4 weeks to go.

Random point - Last year $32k was split over the top 4 places of this mini tournament with 1st taking $16k (we can get rid of pokies)

How is this tournament different to the season??

This tournament is best of 5 games - think tennis here and grand slams compared to ATP events. It becomes a battle over time in this case. Remebering each game is generally 30 - 45 min long… It can be some time in front of the screen and concentration is key. As well as smarter teams/players learning their opponents tells and habbits.

If you win this, earn $16k then what??

This is a pipe dream at best. However, with the team we have put together this year. Led by our up and coming star recruit in the jungle who has demanded map control and therefore lane harass and freedom from top to bottom - which I’m sure @ArmyOfPoon will explain with future reports - I’m sure we can all be forgiven for being a little interested and keen to see what this bombers line up can do on the world stage.

Hopefully this explains the investment in the team and the reasoning behind hunting quality players from fringe teams last year.

As a note - the team who made worlds last year earned about $100k over the year (Stage 1 and 2, I only explained Stage 1) - I see this team going deeper than them though and am genuinely excited to see the bombers finally compete against the worlds best - Not trying to get ahead of myself, as we still have to win play offs in 4 or 5 weeks.


Great work Westie. I do apologize have been roaming round down the coast and am actually busy doing some work at the moment (and I hate working hard ever).

I guarantee ill give a rundown over this weekend a full report of the season so far and after this weekends games, where we are now easilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy going to finish top for the season

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Another 2-0 weekend

Mammoth were apparently a threat yesterday, and on the up and up, but it was rather clinical and soothing to watch…

3? Weeks til the mid season break and then I believe there’s a tournament with some other top teams from other leagues, so that should be super fun to watch.


OK. Watched it for first time. Sorta addictive. Loved every minute of it. Looks like the Bombers are a class above at the moment. They punished the smallest mistakes mercilessly.

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Nice work, you ever seen a game of LOL before?

I honestly haven’t. Starting to see the attraction of 5v5 gaming. Wish you could split screen and watch multiple players at once. Or maybe you can… New to this.

What’s the problem with folks complaining about the Korean imports? This is a global game. I don’t understand the angst.

Its purely Blitz raging over anything. After 18 years of mediocrity at the footy club, we dont know how to handle bringing in Lance Franklin and Dustin Martin, instead we expect Clarke and Justin Murphy


Can you post a link to the youtube channel ?

These are the games from week 7:

OPL 2019 - Split 1 Week 7 Game 1 - BMR vs. MMM
OPL 2019 - Split 1 Week 7 Game 5 - GRV vs. BMR

Bombers vs Chiefs today. 1st v 2nd. Should be a good match up. Although both have secured playoffs more or less.

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Our 2nd loss for the year,

Both of them against Chiefs. I’m getting nervous now for the mid season gauntlet.


Yeah wasnt there best game. Chiefs are powerful. Need to start better early

Their my man, their.


Yeah played poorly that game. Bad match ups for me more than anything. tactically the chiefs played that great. Didn’t gel well that game. Balk had a rare bad one.

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A good weekend. Won both we expected to win by the looks. Bout to watch replays. was out.

Win against Order, and Direwolves

Looking forward to potentially seeing the bombers at worlds playins at the end of this season!!!

Links are here for both games. They played very well this weekend. Ry0ma was brilliant.

BMR vs ORD | Week 9 Day 1 Game 1 | OPL 2019 Split 1
DW vs BMR | Week 9 Day 2 Game 1 | OPL 2019 Split 1

It you haven’t watched eSports yet, give it a go.


There’s an article in the JB Hi Fi monthly free magazine - Stack about the team!
It breaks down their current living arrangements, and their day to day schedule.

Since it’s a free magazine I assume it’s fine to post? but since it’s free, JB HiFi are pretty great (there’s a plug to serve their purpose).

I’ve specifically replied to Bullwinkle for his post on the 22nd of Jan asking for a training report and pix…
also apologies if these size poorly, but it’s a good read and thought you’d all enjoy it!

Page 1:
Page 2:

edit: Since a bit cut off, to confirm the wording at the end of page 1 is one person per bedroom.

For context, I’ve seen video tours of Korean gaming houses with 5 - 6 kids all in the same room…