Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports


The way the commentators were talking, momentum is a factor and Order will have a lot of it, having won three days in a row. Won’t be easy for us.


celebrate last nights first win of the AFL season with a GF tonight! Hoping we do well.


What time do we tune in tonight?


What happens if they win?? Rift Rivals got canned


Starts at 4pm apparently.

Looking forward to it.


Rift Rivals was the prize for top 3.

If we win tonight we enter this:

I’m excited/nervous to see how we stack up against the other nations and regions.

Here’s a write up on the efc website that has a direct link at the bottom too for the stream


We’ve won the 1st game.

Dominated the early game. Hurried a bit at the end and lost a few team fights.

But an epic finish was pretty cool.

Good start Bombers.


The crowd at GGEZ is more in favour of Order, so it was getting pretty rowdy


Leading in split 2. I have no idea what’s going on, but the numbers don’t lie and it spells disaster for Order.

You know they say that all men are created equal, but you look at BalKhan and you can see that statement is not true.



We’re gonna win.


That second game was very strong by us.


I can’t tell whether this is a complement or a put-down.


I have no idea about any of this. I also don’t know why it matters but it does.


We have a 141 and 2/3 percent chance of winning.


Ruh oh. Essingtoned the first minute of this third split.


Turned it round pretty quick


Yep, started 0-3 on kills, 10-1 since then and reversed the money lead.


For me the whole point of this e-sports team is to be playing Continental tournaments.
That’s where the big bucks are, with advertising opportunities and all that. The further this team goes in each tourament (asia & world wide) the more eyes we get on screen.




Well done boys. Honestly was worried there for thr last 5 mins.

onwards to the international tournies we go