Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

Balkan = Dean Rioli.

Rookie, plucked from nowhere, who just has absolutely sublime skills and feel for the game. Plus, the lads got some size about him and comes from a different cultural background.


Can we put their list manager to work with the AFL list?


Surely they just bought a stake, LGC has been around for a while

I believe they purchased the entire licence. Our team has been around for a while too - but they were called Abyss before we got involved.

MSI is cool but making it to worlds playins is where it’s at (hopefully we stay on track next split)

Real opportunity for massive improvement playing crazy good teams

Even a small chance of making it to worlds

You’re right, didn’t realise the crows got in so early!

Our team looks the goods though hopefully they can keep it up!

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Remember when everyone freaked out when we sacked and replaced the entire squad before this season?


Sensational effort by the team. I don’t know anything about the ins and outs of the game however it’s a fantastic effort to get this team delivering such great results in a short period of time.

It’s great to see the Red and Black taking their skills and the Bombers brand into new markets and a vast new audience… I can see great commercial opportunities unfolding in the years ahead. The sky is the limit! Go Bombers!

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Nope. no

Ill give a full breakdown tomorrow. Apologies been travelling round and lazy aa ■■■■.

Amazing effort by the boys, and i would seriously say they can do damage in bigger comps, which if we do will be a massive injection to the clubs coffers and brand

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I would be up for the new job :wink:

I am over the moon


Brilliant job guys. They really are the masters of each position. Been addicted to this for the last 7 weeks or so, since i started watching. Very well produced.


I’ll post the video links as soon as they appear. Unless someone has an alternative already

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OK. Game one is up on youtube. Link is here:

ORD vs BMR | GRAND FINALS G1 | OPL 2019 Split 1

Double premiership this year? Let hope


I like FBI. Does she dress like that normally?

Game 2 & 3 link:

ORD vs BMR | GRAND FINALS G2 | OPL 2019 Split 1
ORD vs BMR | GRAND FINALS G3 | OPL 2019 Split 1

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Can’t wait to see the Mad Monday photos.



They nail the dress up though


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