Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

First game is May 1st, 8pm aest

We are rank outsiders.


Hope we can pick up a game here and there. :grimacing:

I was told we were in the ‘really difficult’ side of the draw. Hopefully we can knock a team or two off.

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I saw the team is using RMIT’s Vietnam campus as their base. Interesting confluence of EFC partnerships.

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Anyone watching it tomorrow? ill be streaming from home, but was thinking of heading in GG in the citty

I plan to stroke my beard and nod sagely when I see the results posted here.


I might get to watch the first set of games, but I’ll just have to dream the last couple.

FTFY, … :wink:

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How fair is the umpiring in this sport ?


Well, the rules are hard coded into the games software so there’s no room for interpretation. I think we’ll be fine, you could say its logic is black and white… wait… oh… oh no. PLAY ON!


I grew a neck beard for the occasion.

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Just an update, our first game tomorrow is now at 7, theyve had to move a few days games around due to 2 days of mourning in Vietnam.

would love to have hit up GG to watch this, but I’ve just moved to Adelaide, no esports bars here yet…

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Would it be correct to make the assumption that this change moves all the games forward 1 hour?

To put the viewership into context for everyone who doesnt know much, there are currently 5,000 people streaming the games, and it doesnt start for 15 minutes. I expect it to hit 20k or near for this group stage active online

How do I watch… how do I watch.

It’s at 33,000 views now

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22k viewers already~!

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Sorry I mean 33,000 views on Twitch at the moment.

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So, with multiple viewing platforms provided by streaming the numbers could be at 50k??

not a good start, going too hard too rarly