Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

this jungle is dominating them

Heaps more than that.
Twitch is already at 38,000 views.

collectively 65k

Down about 3.5k gold just before 15mins

will be over by 25 mins

So this is Anzac Day first quarter all over again?

But without the comeback?

Yep, being smashed.

10k up now. 21min in.

Poor E-sports team has picked up the Essendon finals curse

Yeah this is a complete domination by there jungler, and ours did zero. I blame the booing

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They’re (We’re) getting pantsed!!

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Hey, we made it to 26 mins

14k gold behind, and 12 kills down at 27 minutes.

disgraceful performance by Ryoma

Ended up smashed.

Didn’t look like it in any part of the map.

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Sack Neeld


The oceanic league will continue to be outclassed by all other leagues for a while to come; it’s not a poor reflection on our team just the region difference

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To be fair, the Vietnamese team (PVB) is seen as the strongest of the 8 teams in this stage of the comp.

I’m guessing Fenerbahce are owned by the Turkish football giants.

The team that smashed us (PVB) just absolutely destroyed their next opponent. Truly dominant.

Results so far: