Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

Looking More promising this one.

Btw… currently 58,000 people watching on Twitch (and increasing)


Yeah, thats just the English channel.

Well over 100K across all coverages

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I figured!

We just need to take some LEARNINGS out of this experience.

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Well none of them have performed at this level before. So it’s good learning experience for them, and our club.

We just beat Isurus.

We were 5000g behind at 20minutes against a side with better scaling and managed to catch it back up and roll them.

Incredible come from behind win.

Well done lads, you should be very proud.


Holy sh*t.

I literally turned it off to get ready for bed, as i thought it was over!

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Well worth the watch. We did them in the team fights. Which is saying something as I thought that was an area of weakness for us during the OPL.

There’s one more game to go at 1am?

Peak hour for gamers.

That’s awesome!
We won an international!

I’m getting out of bed for this

Go bombers



How did we do?

We just beat the unbeatable Vietnamese team on their home turf doubt anybody expected that ■■■■■■■ amazing


Basically nobody gave us a chance against them and we were scintillating after a poor opening 30 seconds where it looked real bad

That was huge for the brand and aussie esports. I’d say it was the bombers unrelenting attack that did it. A few times when they should have pulled out they went in twice as hard and cleaned up the whole team out of sheer surprise

Balkhan was huge his engages were so ballsy it threw em off. The man is fearless he has no fear

Ryoma was man of match on le blanc tho was just assassinating people at will towards the end

Huge upset win for us they beat teams at worlds and we beat em


Has the OPL representative ever won an MSI game before (in past years)?

Massive evening tonight, our style really can do damage .

Researched the first game where we were beaten convincingly, there were many instances of PVB getting away with 50 health, and if 2 or 3 of those champs had diedninstead for PVB then Bombers could easily have won