Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

Since not explicitly mentioned: we won the 1am match and are 2W-2L in equal (?) second place.

Two more matches to end the “group of death” Thursday night: one against the team above us and one against the team on the bottom. We gave the top team their only loss.

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If anyone could post the links to the replays for the tech-poor amongst us, that would be really appreciated.

I’ll have to try to watch that last game tonight. I didn’t think they had any chance at all of winning that one.

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Mission accomplished. What’s the next goal?

Query : I’m not sure we are doing a great job of giving this coverage over on the club website. Although I must admit my work blocks out some of the links so I can’t check them. However I don’t think we’ve done much updating since the end of the OPL. Given the lads efforts, perhaps that might change?

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Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:


I am absolutely loving the enthusiasm in here!

What I’m loving more are the international accounts on Twitter who are declaring their love for the ‘Bombers’. We are truly international today!


This is the only opportunity an AFL football club has to compete with a European Champions league giant club… even tho it’s in gaming.

Still a great chance to compete with these huge organisations… and beat them!

I noticed the Fenerbahce fans were absolutely loving the fact we beat Phong Vu.

We Seemed to be getting heaps of love from Turkey!

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I really am looking forward to getting home and watching that last match vs PVB.

They had been so dominant in every game. I felt that at least two of their players were levels above anyone else. Their jungler Melodias (or whatever the name was) had Balkhan well and truly covered in our first game. If he has managed to turn that around it is an incredible effort from him.

I suspect it will get harder for us going forward though, as teams will put more time into breaking down our strengths if they deem us a threat.

I wonder if someone wouldn’t mind taking the time to tell me what the information in the bottom centre of the screen means.

I’m pretty sure one of the numbers is kills… but beyond that I’m at a loss.

Firstly there are images of items purchased (or obtained) by that player

Then it’s Kills/Deaths/Assists and the finally yellow number is Creep Score (CS). Every small/large/epic minion or monster each player kills is granting them creep score, gold and experience. Waves of minions spawn at each base and run down the lanes to be farmed

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This is great… I’m actually looking up the structure of what they’ve qualified for and they are doing brilliant.

I will definitely keep tabs on our team

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Cheers for that.

So the creep score is like the fantasy footy points?

I’ve never played the game or understood it fully but i have followed it here and there previously and learn little bit by bit. The commentators really didn’t think we’d win the 11pm game because of the way we play - gang kill. We were behind and boom just came from the clouds and beat them. Went to sleep after that but they were talking about how impressed they were with us. The team on top were nuts and I see we gave them a loss? Thats hectic. Great for the club and great achievement. Btw have Adelaide e sports team done anything or did they stink like we did last year? I havnt even heard anything about them from when they were given their licences at the same time as us.

They own Legacy, Who came second last.

Edit: but it looks like they compete across a number tournaments. While we are only League of Legends.

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Ahh… It’s a bit hard to explain outside of saying it’s one of the key resources for any team and if not managed correctly the team will fall behind

That is why timings are so important as if you need to go to base or die at an inopportune time you can lose a ton of creeps and XP to the tower which gives your direct opponent a big gold and power advantage that adds up over time

CS differential -> fight -> kill your opponent and get gold / deny their cs -> bigger advantage -> repeat

Hi, I’m new, but I love the EFC and recently got into following esports, so I might be able to contribute. It’s almost as data-rich as footy. Apologies in advance for formatting.

In the centre section:
Kills/Deaths/Assists are in white.
Someone on 5/0/2 has killed 5 enemy champions (struck the final blow,) died 0 times themselves, and has assisted their teammates in killing another 2 enemy champions (ie this player has got some damage down onto the enemy champions, but it’s been one of their allies who has dealt the final blow.) If the team has a total of 7 kills for the game, then this champion with 5 kills + 2 assists (5+2=7) has had 100% “Kill Participation” (KP.) Basically they’ve been in everything. This champion is having a good game. Conversely, a player with a KDA of 0/4/0 means this player has had 0 kills, they’ve died 4 times, and hasn’t helped their team at all with assists. This player is having a very bad game.

The yellow numbers are the creep score (how many minions\jungle monsters the player has killed.) Killing minions\monsters gives both experience (go through levels; learn new abilities, get better stats, get stronger,) and gold (used to buy items back at base to become stronger\do more stuff.) In the early game when players stay in their lanes you can see if one player is on creep score (CS) of 50, and their opposite number is on a CS of 100, then you’re reasonably sure that the one on 100CS is “winning the lane,” and will be stronger than their opposite number in a 1v1. That said, the champion on 50CS could still be doing well, if the reason they’ve left the lane and given up CS is because they’ve (successfully) gone to participate in ganks, or taken turret plates, or other objectives like dragons\Rift Herald. These other activities also generate xp and gold, and have the added advantage of disadvantaging the other team. The relevance of the CS difference between 2 players can also be skewed if one of the player has chosen the Kleptomancy rune, or has certain items in their inventory that make killing minions less of a priority, as xp\gold can be gained in other ways. So yeah, CS difference can be an indicator of how well one player is doing against their opposite number, but it’s not the only indication, and it may not even be correct. Also, some champions are geared to winning via a high CS. Others make their contributions in other ways, and can be just as damaging with a lower CS. It’s like when asking “who’s winning?,” it depends by what metric. Gold difference? Kill difference? How many (and which kind of) dragons taken? # (and position) of towers taken? One team could be down 0-3 in towers, so by that metric they’re losing, but if they’ve just taken the Baron and have Baron Buff on all 5 members, then they’re arguably winning. Re the CS being like AFL Fantasy points; it can be an indicator, sure, but it’s not the only indicator, and can be plain wrong. In Ess V Sydney 2018, Michael Hurley was arguably BOG for us because he shutdown Franklin (both of Franklin’s goals were the result of bad umpiring) but Hurley only got an AF score of 38.

Sometimes a yellow number will appear above the KDA. This is a game-generated bounty, which appears above an individual player if that player is doing really well in terms of KDA or creep score. If a player from the other team kills a player with a bounty, then in addition to the regular kill gold, they also get the additional bounty gold. If that player is behind at the time, the bounty gold (sometimes called “shutdown” gold) can help get them back into the game. If alternately they’re already ahead, the bounty gold can snowball them even more.

The little icons are the items the player has bought. Sometimes these items go dark. This is because the item has an ability, which the player has just used, and the item is on cooldown before it can be used again.

Sometimes the item icons are replaced for a few seconds by the observer (usually at the request of the casters, (commentators,)) with two numbers in a XXXX(YYYYY) format. This is the gold the player has in their pocket right now (XXXX,) and the total gold the player has earned over the course of the game ((YYYYY.)) Usually it’s used to show how far ahead (or behind) on gold (and therefore items) one player (or team) is compared to another. It’s also used to show that “after that team fight, playerX has $$$$ in his pocket right now, he should really return to base and shop for some items.”

In the far left:
The stats for the player currently being followed by the observer camera. Includes, health, mana (or something else, if that champion doesn’t use mana, eg Yasuo has “Flow,” instead of mana, which he builds as he moves, and once it reaches 100%, he gains a brief shield after taking damage from an enemy champion,) and experience (progress toward next level.) These are the green, blue (assuming mana,) and purple bars. To the right of that there are some individual stats for that champion (attack damage, ability power, attack speed (#of basic attacks per second,) movement speed, armour (protects against physical damage,) magic resist (protects against magic damage.)) Under that are 7 icons indicating availability of that player’s passive + abilities + summoner spells. If they’re dark then they might be on cooldown because they’ve just been used, or they might be silenced\stunned and unable to use them etc. At the top of that section are icons showing if any spells\buffs\nerfs etc that are currently affecting that selected champion.



Welcome to Blitz.

Thanks heaps for the post. Quality, and has helped me a lot. Much appreciated.


The way I see it…we ran over the opposition as the night progressed.

So credit has to go to the finger-development program designed by JUSTIN CROW and the energy packed inside SOUR PATCH lollies.


Nah, it was definitely the LEARNINGS they got out of the first few rounds

I was just listening to an old podcast interview with Rohan Sawyer, who was(/is?) a co-owner of our esports team.

Now, I may be extrapolating one of his comments waaay too far…but…

I think there’s a chance that the saga has driven our involvement in esports. I think the saga may have put us on the nose with kids/teens/young adults, and consequently we have a weak spot in our membership numbers in these demographics. So the esports team is an effort to rebuild our appeal and connection to this age group.

So when anyone asks why the club has gotten involved in esports, that might be the explanation…

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