Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

We’re footy supporter’s, when have we ever done that?


FB have a much better team comp. Naut gonna rape vayne

solo kill top lane. Always nice.

Amazing start by the boys. our bot lane is so good

ffs 2 levels down and tries to 1v1 top lane idiot

what a throw by ryoma, horrid LB plays

Bomberton in full play here. Stop suiciding!

Thought he was the 5/0 LB from last night

he was, but he went LB into a tank, was never going to work. only works vs squishies

We got Ruin-ed.

8 kills us, 9 kills them, 12 kills Ruin.


Literally lost becasuse of mid

Lost because we inted into naut hooks



is our football team winning these days? lol

Just needed to be more patient and work on counter plays, rather than initiate everything.

Outplayed several times by trying to do much - in Oceanic we got away with it but not here, they always had damage and support available for counters which were out of vision. (LB into Naut for example, with Taliah behind wall).

I trust Westonway took some learnings away from this and will be better for it.

Not sure I’d be pointing the finger at any one or two players, the better team won.

Rek sai is shithouse like Myers

When I play lol I main naut super powerful in the hands of a good tank we were beat at the selection table


Well, this is annoying. FB are now torching top-of-the-ladder PVB — so if we’d won the last match we’d be headed for equal-top of the bracket of death.


In true Bombers style we played our opponents into form!!

How were the umpires for this match?



Final match now, selecting teams.