Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

We’re looking good here: just had a eight-player-one-dragon fight go in our favour (we killed the dragon and two opposition).

Week too late, winterfell really could have used us.

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And then we go and run everyone into their guns in a mass slaughter. Geez.

Wow that was like the gold coast v Carlton game… with us being carlton

And lose 4 vs 1 in a 5-on-5 battle! Icarus rush for the base kill before we can re-spawn, and just make it.

Faaaaaaaark. Threw that away in a few mass battles when we were steadily crushing them.

Which means we come equal-last (third) of the group. We haven’t seen the other group play yet but based on rankings we might have been a decent chance to win it.

Wow lost their heads in that one

Continuing on with my
Review of the games play at LOL MSI Invitational 2019 by BOMBERS ESPORTS.

Game videos:
Round 1. Group A. Day 2
Game 9 (opponents game) (ISG vs PVB):
Game 10 (Bombers game 5) (BMR vs FB):
Game 11 (opponents game) (PVB vs FB):
Game 12 (Bombers game 6) (ISG vs BMR):

Day 2 played the remaining 4 of 12 round-robin games in Group A.
Standing at the start of Day 2:
1st. Phoung Vu Buffalo (Vietnam): 3 wins, 1 loss
2nd. Bombers (Australia): 2 W, 2 L
Equal 2nd. 1907 Fenerbache (Turkey): 2 W, 2 L
4th. Isurus Gaming (Argentina): 1 W, 3 L


  • I’m going to point out some ‘bad deaths’ (easy goals conceded) by the Bombers players because it happened a lot. No professional player deliberately dies for no benefit. These were the results of poor skill execution or bad decision making.

Opponents Game (9th game overall) ISG vs PVB
PVB win
Final Kill score: ISG 3 to 18 PVB (in 28 minutes)

  • A thumping by PVB with an overwhelming score difference. ISG looked completely outclassed. They only scored 3 kills.

This end PVB’s group phase, with a record of [4-2].
BMRs and FB both have a [2-2] record with 2 games remaining.
There is only 1 way to catch PVB now and the next match is BMR vs FB which turns it into an elimination final.

Bombers Game 5 (10th game overall) BMR vs FB
FB win
Final Kill score: BMR 8 to 21 FB (in 29 minutes)

  • The game was close in the first half. Things fell apart for Bombers in the second half.
  • Game was tied up to 20 minutes. Some excellent plays by FB from here on; sliced up the Bombers defense and we had no answer.
  • Some good team play from Bombers in the early-phase to get a few kills. Also 2 boneheaded ‘bad-deaths’ for no benefit.

Key moment in the match:

  • At 22 minutes, 30 seconds: With scores tied at 7v7, team FB spots the Bombers players spread wide and thin. They mass all 5 of their players into the middle of the field and drive forward creating a 5v2 outnumber.
  • Bombers have 2 players in the middle (BMR-FBI and BMR-Rogue). Bombers have 1 player (BMR-BalKhan) hiding on the side of the fight. The other 2 Bombers (BMR-Mimic and BMR-ry0ma) are far away and run to the middle as fast as they can.
  • The fight turns against Bombers. BMR-BalKhan decides to jump into the fight (despite a 5v3 still being potentially hopeless for Bombers.) FB trades all 3 Bombers-deaths in exchange for 1 FB-death.
  • BMR-Mimic arrives late to the fight into a 4v1 outnumber resulting in his bad-death.
  • BMR-ry0ma arrives even later, tries not to get caught in a 4v1 but is caught anyway resulting in his bad-death.
  • The kill score is now BMR 8 to 12 FB. With all 5 Bombers temporarily benched due to dying, FB make a big territory push and gain a big upper hand lead that they do not relinquish.

This was a big misplay by Bombers. We decided to go ‘All-in’ instead of hedging our bets. The last 3 deaths would all be considered ‘bad-deaths’ as the situation was obviously hopeless.

Bombers will take 1 more gamble to turn the game in their favor setting up a 4v2 outnumber. However our positioning is terrible and the plan backfires. FB quickly turns it into a 4v4 and the end result is 3 Bombers dead for 0 FB dead. (Score is now doubled: BMR 8 to 16 FB)


  • Bombers Middle player, BMR-ry0ma was playing consecutive game using LeBlanc. His previous game (against PVB) scored 9/1/8 (9 kills, 1 death). In this game, he was completely shut down by his counterpart scoring 0/4/1 (0 kills, 4 deaths).
  • The opposing Middle player (FB-Bolulu on Nautilus) was specifically chosen to play a negating role against our team. We were not able to handle his presence at all, with him scoring 1/1/14. He was very effective at snaring (tackling) our players to ground.
  • Opposing Jungler (FB-Kirei on Taliyah) also scored highly with 2/1/16.
  • Opposing Top and Star player (FB-Ruin on Jayce) mopped up all the easy goals finishing with 12/4/7.

Our previous game against FB was (FB 27 to BMR 20), so we performed much worse against them second time around.
I would say they were able to adapt their game style (patient defense) to counter ours (full aggression). We had no plan B (or whatever it was didn’t work).
Also some blitzers above mentioned that Bombers were poor at the selection table, with FB being able to pick to negate us. This definitely contributed to our loss.

It’s a pity that this eliminated us, but the better team won.
Their overall teamwork and reads were much better than ours.

Opponents Game (11th game overall) PVB vs FB
FB win
Final Kill score: PVB 11 to 27 FB (in 36 minutes)

  • With their win against us FB improves to [3-2] and need 1 more win to force a tiebreaker against PVB (for top spot in the group and advancing to the next round). Meanwhile a win for PVB would put them at [5-1] and qualifies them.
  • Everything goes wrong for PVB. They are crushed. They fight desperately to recover (extending the game time) but FB don’t give them a sniff.

This ties PVB and FB at [4-2] records. They are asked to come back to play a tie-breaker at the conclusion of the Group B matches on Day 2.

Bombers Game 6 (12th game overall) ISG vs BMR
ISG win
Final Kill score: ISG 22 to 19 BMR (in 33 minutes)

  • This was a dead rubber game and both teams played it like one. Us a little worse, hence we lost.
  • We had a strong enough lead up to 32 minutes (seriously. in a 33 minute game), but then we went all Benny Hill and allowed them to steal victory.
  • There was a lot of ‘don’t care’ in this game with players looking for miracle goals or the highlights reel.

Key moment in the match:

  • At 32 minutes, both teams attempt to capture the Baron creating a 5v5 fight.
  • This one goes disastrously for Bombers with 4 Bombers dead in trade for 1 ISG dead.
  • With only 1 player left to defend our Nexus (King in Chess), the enemy team immediately goes for Checkmate, which they get at 33:25.


  • BMR-Mimic (on Kennen) with a poor game scoring 2/7/4. He is well beaten by his couterpart (ISG-Buggax). Mimic also manages multiple bad-deaths in 1v1 situations.
  • Opposing Top (ISG-Buggax on Akali) is Mimic’s nemesis all day, scoring 7/3/6.
  • Opposing Bottom (ISG-Warangelus on Tristana) gets game MVP, scoring 9/3/4. Warangelus was the difference in the last 5v5 team fight dodging our bullets repeatedly and picking up 2 of the 4 Bomber kills.

This was a game Bombers really should have won.
Some nice play leading to solid goals in the first half.
The only thing keeping Isurus in the game was ill-discipline by Bombers players in isolated moments leading to bad-deaths (cheap goals) every now and then.

Seemed like the boys wanted to win the fight, rather than the game.
At 26 minutes (with Bombers leading 15-9), BMR-ry0ma is surrounded and caught by all 5 ISG members close to the ISG base. The Bombers team chose to jump into the fight (as opposed to cutting their losses). The end result being all 5 Bombers dead in exchange for 2 ISG dead. The score is now Bombers leading 17-14, but we’ve let them right back into the game.

Wash-up from Day 2
We couldn’t lift for 2 consecutive games (PVB, then FB) and are eliminated for the tournament.

For the record, PVB and FB came back at about MIDNIGHT (local time), with PVB winning the tie-breaker (kills: PVB 25 to 16 FB)
Final Group A standings:
1st PVB (5 wins, 2 losses) (Advances to 4-team knockout stage)
2nd FB (4 - 3)
Equal 3rd BMR (2 - 4), ISG (2-4)

Where to from here
Bombers won the Oceanic league with a regular season record of 20 wins and 2 losses. (and 3-0 in the finals).
It looks comfortable, but word is we’re not being challenged at that level.
Bombers really don’t have any opponents in Oceania that can push them, and force them into upping their level of play.

I don’t see us improving drastically unless we get more opportunities to skirmish against International level teams.

PS: I don’t care who wins MSI now that Bombers are out.



Thanks @Ritsujin I found it interesting.

Ignore pithy acerbic responses and puns on this site. Most of them are robo generated NPCs.

Ritsujin, having watched it all, and actually understanding it, any thoughts on the individual members of our team? How you’d rate them? Whether you think each member can ultimately elevate their game to world-standard?

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My father works at the mill.

Hmmm… I did watch the games but I don’t know enough about League of Legends to evaluate our roster, and who played well and who didn’t. I hope other blitzers can do that.

I did find the reddit links where the LoL community (from inside and outside Australia) did review our match performances.
They’re a good read for anyone interested, but there is a lot of LoL-jargon.

(It’s Reddit, which normally contains lots of trash-talking and garbage. But I’ve read through them all and the feedback is generally fair and relevant.)

Bombers Game 1 (BMR lose vs PVB):ũ_buffalo_vs_bombers_msi_2019_playin_group/

Bombers Game 2 (BMR lose vs FB):çe_vs_bombers_msi_2019_playin_group/

Bombers Game 3 (BMR win vs ISG):

Bombers Game 4 (BMR win vs PVB):ũ_buffalo_msi_2019_playin_group/

Bombers Game 5 (BMR lose vs FB):çe_msi_2019_playin_group/

Bombers Game 6 (BMR lose vs ISG):

  • As expected, our big upset win against PVB generated lots of positive vibes.

Whether you think each member can ultimately elevate their game to world-standard?

This is a tricky position, because Bombers play in the Oceanic League.

To draw a comparison, we are participating at the Soccer World Cup using Melbourne Victory (while other regions are using a Liverpool, or a Barcelona). We’d want Melbourne Victory’s players to improve up to world-class, but they play the majority of their matches in the A-League.
Soccer Australia handles this situation by sending individual players to bigger overseas leagues to improve. And then draw them all back for the Socceroos.

One of the Redditors commented “Can we please get FBI into a major region. I seriously want to see that guy on a genuinely good team. He has great potential”. However, if FBI does this, then he no longer plays for Bombers. We don’t compete as Team-Australia-LoL; we compete as Bombers, a domestic team.

The low population of our region and the weakness of our playing pool is a pretty big crutch to player development.

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Easy solution - host the team in Asia somewhere and use it as a stepping stone for a membership push and advertisement of AFL in Asia.

Can’t play in other leagues due to import restrictions, on any team there can only be 2 non-native players

If you put Bombers in CN or KR they would just get destroyed every match, maybe TW or JP but as per the roster rules it wouldn’t work with this squad

These rules were brought in when Korea were the powerhouse and teams started importing whole Korean teams to play in other regions basically

What’s next for the esports team? Are we good enough to recruit established players or should we be looking for rookies?

Also does anyone know if we won any prize money for participating in this tournament?



Fk him. I never did like him that much, … :smirk:

“Finish your raid and fark off”


That is terribly sad news. He was awesome to watch.

i heard he is moving to be closer to family, Port confident.