Bombers seeking back-to-back titles in the OPL eSports

Also, I don’t think the OCS team can get promoted to the OPL. Individual players can, but not the team as a whole; there aren’t allowed to be two Bombers teams in the OPL. It would be like if the AFL had Essendon1 and Essendon2. I think it was Chiefs last year who had a team in the OPL and their OCS team qualified to move up. They weren’t allowed to, so they sold the OPL spot to another team.

Anyone have an idea on the new roster yet? and coach?

(Article is dated 26th May, so it doesn’t appear in your recent news feed.
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FBI has transferred to the North American League and will play for Golden Guardians Academy owned by Golden State Warriors (basketball).

For interest, BalKhan has transferred to Turkish League, for Galatasaray Esports

Only word on new recruits so far from Euphoraz(Nathan, our List Manager) is that… they will be coming.

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Nice addition. I think.

How good is this kid?

I’ll miss Balkhan. His aggression was entertaining, win or lose.

“His ability to speak English better will help immensely” . LMFAO

To be fair he’s not wrong

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Excellent pick up. For too long we’ve been without someone who can also fulfil the role of “Party Liaison”.

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Jinwoo Jung-ler

I like a people who commit to their puns

With AJ no longer a contender & Fury 2 being some way off, I’m not surprised that Wilder has joined…wait a minute. This isn’t the boxing thread. :grin:


Ok guys, give me the real rundown on the 2 new players. Don’t know much about them. Compare to what we had?

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Esports seems to be an industry full of professional promiscuity.

The Bombers finally cracked the code in split one and claimed their first title. It took an overhaul of their entire squad and a bit of importing to make it work, but they did it. They’ve been forced into a rebuild after just one split, however, with BalKhan departing for the TCL and bot laner Victor “FBI” Huang joining Golden Guardians Academy.

To replace them, the Bombers promoted ex-mid laner Carlo “Looch” La Civita to the bot lane, while bringing Korean jungler Jeong “Wilder” Jin-woo from the LJL. Keeping a Korean in the jungle means that the Bombers will still have the most threatening top side in the region, but it’ll be up to Looch and captain Jake “Rogue” Sharwood to find some synergy in the bot lane to go back-to-back in 2019.

Just about time for our first game to get underway against Order.

Good times.

For what it is worth, this is the grand final replay, but they go in largely unchanged, whereas we have a new Jungler, a new coach, and a new someone else, and somebody else has moved into a different role… yeah so I don’t understand all of this.

Anyway, Fark Carlton.

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I remember when everyone used to be afraid of the Japanese in the jungle.

And we are under way…

Oop… Mimic has been taken out early. First kill to order.

have fallen a small amount behind in gold early.

Our new jungler helps out in the topside and together they get the kill evening that up FWIW.

This has evened up our gold.

8 minutes in and we’ve evened up the goal.

Ooop our jungler is dead… Ryoma has died… but we’ve got one back… Nope Looch is out as well… We are now down 5/2 in kills. and about 1500 gold down. Not good.

oh, managed to stay aggressive, and we’ve picked up a kill, and taken the first drake.

Oop, Ryoma walks into an ambush and dies.

They take the first tower, and now we are down 2500 gold. Loooong way back to win from here.

They now take the mountain drake.

Now they’ve taken down the mid lane tower.

Baron is now up, and they have most of the control of the game. We are 4k gold down.

Order takes the Ocean drake.

Order take the baron, no contest from us.

It’s over in my opinion. No real shot fired from us. We just aren’t ready to take on a settled team.

They are into our base now, 8k gold up.

Well we have managed to wipe them off the board as they over-extended. Got the gold lead down to 6k. But our base is nigh on done.

And it’s over.

Well and truly outplayed. Learnings.


New coach, new jungler, new (old) ADC. Something about needing time for the team to gel. Apparently the same thing happened with the AFL team in 2017. Also, I’m not sure how many of them got a full pre-season…

We won our game today against Avante.

I missed the start as I was travelling, but looked like we had almost complete control of the game.

Made one real mis step while I was watching, but they would be extremely pleased with that win for the new team.