Bombers Social Media

The AFL did not have an award for the club doing the most outstanding job on social media.

If it had one, the club would have won with daylight second.

Well done to the media team at Essendon. A brilliant case study for anyone involved with sports.


To be fair, the Crows do an outstanding job as well

Agreed. Out of all the team I follow on social media we win hands down.


So you only follow Essendon?

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All the team are Essendon!


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Collingwood do great work.

Can they spell?


Their graphics are always great too

Stop outing yourselves, people.

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I thought the Dees were solid


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Our Twitter account ■■■■■ me on game day. So cringeworthy. Hitting the post isn’t funny.

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Seriously, all clubs are pretty good at it

I enjoyed the pregame video of the mascots with the crows. Good to see something different