Bombers v Cats - No % booster for you! Game photos

Walla - 13 disposals @ 100% DE, 5 marks, 3 tackles. looked good down back again. Great to have him able to play at both ends.

Zerrett - Star, star, star, STAR! Should be All Aussie. 25 disposals, 8 CP, 5 clearances, 4 I50

Zaka - 17 disposals, 6 marks, 6 tackles, 2 I50

Play on.

Beautiful ball drop, eyes on the ball, arm out for balance.

JoeDan - 1.2 goals, 8 marks, 14 disposals, 5 I50

Lets Harry know not to stand in front of him next time.

Conor - Never stops looking for the quick receive and loves to run. Great to see him kick that goal on the run. Many more of them to come, I hope. 14 disposals, 5 marks, 2 R50, 2 I50, 3 bounces, 1 goal

Marty - Good game. 23 disposals @ 87%, 14 marks, 4 R50, 3 tackles

LAV - 16 disposals, 8 marks, 4 R50, 3 tackles, 2 behinds.

Captain BJ - Off with an injury in the 1st qtr.

Ping. Is that the end of the season for BJ?

Arriving for scans

Parish - 24 disposals, 9 CP, 7 marks, 1 R50, 4 I50, 1 tackle, 5 clearances,. Just shines with class, how good is this kid going to be? Being managed through these last games and only played 68% of the game and still excels.

Pops Kelly - Great game from the old man. Good to see him crunch some of his former team mates. 26 disposals, 10 marks, 4 tackles, 4 clearances, 1 R50, 5 I50. Pity he didn’t get that goal.

Franga - Looked a bit tired out there and did play 84% of the game, but kept on working and great to see him get his first goal. Let’s hope there are many, many more to come. Always going to be hard work for a third gamer to come up against a seasoned defence like Geelong. 8 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 1 goal.

Get out of the way! BANG!!!

Bird - keeps putting his body on the line and goes in hard for the ball. Will be happy to see some of the other big bodied mids coming back. 19 disposals, 11 contested, 4 clearances, 5 tackles.

Polky - 100 games. 15 disposals @ 93 % DE, 7 contested, 4 marks, 2 clearances, 2 R50.

Loony - got his hand first to the ball all day but just not to our mids. 13 disposals, 9 contested, 4 marks, 26 hit outs, 4 clearances, 3 tackles, 3 I50.

Cooney - His kicking is so frustrating for a player of his calibre. 22 disposals, 5 contested, 9 marks, 2 clearances, 5 R50, 3 tackles, 4 I50, 2 behinds.

Attempts to dack Cowan and unsure where to put his other hand…

Grimley - very quiet day at the office, but still snagged a goal. 6 disposals, 2 marks, 1 I50, 1 goal.

Got the beats going on for warm up…

Matty Dea - Under the pump all day. 10 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles.

Play on

Browny - Good game and was a marking machine, but according to Lethal they shouldn’t count… 1 more and he would have broken Buckets record. 25 disposals, 18 marks, 6 R50, 2 tackles, 6 1%ers

Dempsey - Missed a shot on goal from 45 out. 14 disposals, 5 marks, 3 I50, 1 behind.

Hartley - Was fighting well above his weight class and was monstered by Hawkins a few times but this will let him know what he needs to do to go to the next level. 12 disposals, 4 marks, 5 tackles.

Another painful walk off. Use this to motivate you for next year boys.

Woosha - He has his iPad out and is looking for that rare “CASADAWADA” Pokemon out on the field that ate 12 of his players.

Nakia Cockatoo acting a bit like a cockatoo after he kicks a goal.

Thanks for your work - and great thread title, WP.

Thanks Warlock Paul. You do a great job mate.

Thanks Warlock Paul, good job.

(is Cockatoo, related to our Cockatoo - Collins)

Thanks for the photos mate they are brilliant! Looking forward to the weekend…

Haha. Awesome!

Awesome work

Thanks Warlock Paul, good job.

(is Cockatoo, related to our Cockatoo - Collins)

There is most likely a family connection there. The Cockatoo surname was taken from Che’s maternal great-great grandfather who lived on Cape York. (thanks wikipedia)