Bombers v Fark Carlton - We win, but lose, but win! Game Pictures

A fantastic win to finish off the season from hell part 4. So much upside to our team going forward. Roll on 2017.

Running through the banner

Goddard 24 Ds, 8 CPs, @ 87.5%DE, 5 Ms, 4 Clrs, 2 R50s, 8 Ts, 2 I50s, 1 GA.

There was some interesting commentary on BB about what constitutes a Club Champion. Does winning a Crichton make you one? Does being the Captain make you one? How many games do you have to play with a team before you can be one? I am hoping that at the end of his career BJ is known as an Essendon Club Champion who just happened to start his career at St Kilda.

BJ leading the team out for the last time this year as our Captain. Zaka has just let out Fark Carlton and having a laugh about it.

And leads the way out on the park he had a cracking first half until they shifted Kerridge on to him. Great first game back from injury, he must have been champing at the bit to play.

Kelly 22 Ds, 5 CPs, @95.5%DE, 8 Ms, 1 Clr, 5 R50s, 2 I50s, 2 Gas, 1 Bounce

I would be happy for him to go around again. Great mentor for the players and with the usual injuries he would fill a hole easily.

Watches the ball safely into his hands.

Takes down Armfield

Bird 22 Ds, 8 CPs, @86.4%DE, 5 Ms, 6 Clrs, 3 R50s, 5 Ts, 2 I50s, 1 GA, 1 behind

More tough stuff in the guts and he runs both ways. All our mids busted a gut in this game. Hanging onto Cripps for dear life. Fark Carlton but that Cripps boy is a decent player and one big unit.

Parish 23 Ds, 10 CPs, @87%DE, 5 Ms, 4 Clrs, 2 R50s, 8 Ts, 2 I50s, 1 GA

Racked up CPs and tackled like a mad thing. Ran hard both ways to provide options and to cover in defence. It is no wonder the bloke looked stuffed in that last quarter, but he kept on going till the end. Fantastic debut season, best I think I have seen in my time watching footy for over 45 years. I am sure someone will remind me of another player who was just as, if not more sublime in that time, but for now I am going with Darcy.

After a couple of fluffed marks that were totally out of character he settled in and showed the silky skills we are fast becoming accustomed to. Some great kicking today as well and next year I think we can see that being used to better advantage as he will be getting fed all day by the big boys and have a bit more time on the outside.

Daniher 17 Ds, 4 CPs, @70.6%DE, 6 Ms (4 M50s), 3 I50s, 1 GA, 5.2 Goals

JoeDan 5 goals against the old enemy. What can you say? FFS needs a goal kicking coach FFS. His goal kicking is all between his ears and it will come good. He will build confidence off today and watch out. I thought he was all over the FC defence today. He beat a number of defenders through good movement and using the congestion to work through.

I reckon these two young fellas used to kick footys at Windy Hill and would have commentated their kicks at goal. You know, “lining up on the siren to kick the goal to beat Fark Carlton by 1 point, can he do it….” They are living their childhood dreams of footy glory. Good on them it is great to come along for the ride.

JoeDan drops the lazy one in from 65 mtrs out. How good was that?

Pointing to where he wants it delivered.

Footy is great when they are coming off the boot sweet.

Langford 14 Ds, 5 CPs, @78.6%DE, 9 Ms (2 CMs, 2 M50s), 1 R50, 5 Ts, 3.2 goals

3 Goals is fantastic return and it was great to see him step in the 1st qtr and deliver with some straight kicking. He is only 19. Super exciting talent. His body work in the marking contest is great. Just imagine when he grows into his body and realises that he is a big bloke!

OK, not such a great example, but the buggers didn’t put up any other pictures.

Walla/Tippa 10 Ds, 3 CPs, @100%DE, 3 Ms (2 M50s), 3Ts, 4 goals

4 goals is such a great way to end the season and Fark Carlton as well. Does it get any better that seeing Walla snapping and kicking straight today? 4 goals from 10 Ds. I will have to try and gif some of those candy moments as they were so sweet. He pick up in the pack and explosion out the other side is so nice to watch. 4 Goals, did I say 4 goals!!!

I love watching him play so much he just makes amazing ■■■■ happen!

Fantastic mark inside 50 between running defenders after a beautiful lace out kick from JoeDan.

How good is footy when this bloke is doing this? You reckon he loves playing footy for Essendon with his mates?

Zerret 34 Ds, 11 CPs, @85.3%DE, 4 Ms, 6 Clrs (5 CCs, 1 ST), 3 R50s, 3 Ts, 5 I50s, 1 bounce, 1 GA

Have we had a more deserving Crichton medallist in the last 16 years? He has lifted his game to the next level. Just wow factor. He is everywhere and he gets and uses the ball well time after time after time. His team mates must absolutely love playing with him as they know they are getting it gift wrapped if he has a yard of space.

Just like practice…

Smack 16 Ds, 8 CPS, @68.8%DE, 5 Ms, 3 HOs, 2 Clrs, 1 R50, 1 T, 5 I50s, 1 GA, 1 Goal

He snaps a bewdy from the pocket after a blind spin, one armed hold off manoeuvre, with tongue out for balance. Pure Smack. Not sure if he is still around next year, but hope we keep him in the VFL team as he is a powerhouse there. Just couldn’t get the same tricks to come off in the 1sts.

Zaka 22 Ds, 6 CPs, @77.3%DE, 6 Ms, 1 Clr, 1 R50, 3 Ts, 3 I50s, 1 Bounce

With BJ back in the team Zaka didn’t get as much of the ball as previous weeks but still ran hard both ways and provided good link up.

Ambrose 12 Ds, 4 CPs, @91.7%DE, 4 Ms, 1 R50, 1 T, 2 I50s.

Can’t believe we won another milestone game. Times are a changing. Great 50th game. Created good run and attack and was good in defence and got called out for his work in the coaches message by Woosha .

LAV! 10 Ds, 2 CPs, @60%DE, 7 Ms (2 M50s), 1 R50, 1 T, 2 I50s, 1 GA, 1.2 Goals

Good presentation inside the forward 50, ran hard to cover ground and got crunched a few times but got back up and into it. He is an Essendon Bomber through and through, he isn’t going anywhere.

Young Guns

Gleeson 16 Ds, 2 CPs, @75%DE, 4 Ms, 3 R50s, 3 Ts

Plays his role perfectly. More good marks in defence. Like the rest of his team mates today he took on the man and looked to move it quickly. He makes really good choices that help to open up the game and some of the movement today by the team was the best all season.

Keeps the chain moving and we goal again.

Longy 10 Ds, 2 CPs, @70%DE, 4 Ms, 2 Clrs, 4 I50s, 1 bounce

I just love yelling Longy! He glides across the field. That link up with Conor in the first quarter, coming out the backline was like wow. He looks like he may be a bit faster than his father. Another super exciting youngster. He just looks like he belongs out there playing footy.

Puts on good pressure and affects the kick from their Oirishman.

Harts 8 Ds, 4 CPs, @87.5%DE, 4 Ms, 3 R50s, 2 Ts, 2 I50s, 14 1%ers, 1 behind

14 1%ers, give him the Golden Fist now. Harts just gives it everything every game. Another gem exposed through our dire situation. We are building an exciting team that is starting to look very strong across each line.

Gives it the big fist

Dempsey 13 Ds, 2 CPS, @61.5%DE, 6 Ms (1 CM, 2 M50s), 1 R50, 3 I50s, 1 GA, 1.1 Goals

If that was Demps last game for us then I am happy he went out with a win. I have liked him from the moment he was a skinny kid kicking goals on the run. His hammys held him back and then when he seemed to be going well he did his knee. His come back from that was amazing and he played some of his best foot the year after that. Will be missed. Father/Son options are open, get cracking Courtenay!


Cripps is a heavy bugger to pick up and dump…

Leuenberger 15 ds, 6 CPs, @80%DE, 3 Ms (1 M50), 18 Hos, 3 Clrs, 1 R501 T, 2 I50s, 1 behind

Put a few straight down the midfielders throats today which was great to see. Another pre-season and the boys back together should be the start of something special.

Marks one over the top of Kreuuuuuutzer.

Doc Reid looks on as Zaka comes off with a knock. Thank goodness it doesn’t appear to be anything serious.

Woosha. I feel good about our future going forward. All the premierships will belong us.

Always, Fark Carlton!

The crowd sounded big on the tv. The cheering was excellent and we certainly drowned out Fark Carlton. Thanks to those of you BBs who go to the games, I am extremely jealous.

BJ: “Fark Carlton!”

Thanks Dempsey

Thank you. For spending the time putting these up,for a lazy O/S supporter
Great insight.
Roll on 2017

Sheeds and Harvs. I reckon they would be having a quiet “Fark Carlton!” moment. Great to have them both at the club.

How good is a win over Fark Carlton? Farking Good.

Our defence swarmed theirs and our set up around the ground was excellent. We hammered them in the air.

Fark Carlton wanted to test the strength of our fabric.

As part of BJs special needs he has a thing about stepping on cracks, as you can see here where he carefully avoids braking his mother’s back.

Smack doing a haka and Lav looking sexy with the new plunging neck line jersey.

The Oirish aren’t big on BO spray, as The Langford finds out…phew!

Gleeson: “FFS, how hard can it be to bounce the ball?”
Ambrose: “Maggots”

Matty Dea bowls a flipper

This is why Gleeson is so hard to tackle, he is like the Flash!

After a couple of weeks off BJ had forgotten that there were opposition players out there.

Darcy: “Don’t reckon you will get close to the Rising Star, big fella.”
Jacob: “Fark Carlton”

Thanks Warlock Paul.

Fantastics pics.

All great but that one of TippaWalla pointing to the sign Red n Black and Damn Proud, is special, for me that picture speaks a thousand words alright, (love, pride, joy, exciment etc especially for what we’ve been through) and a big F U to all the haters. Brought a lump to my throat.

I remember a few weeks back saying would love to see pics of our boys coming off winners. Got my wish not once but twice. :slight_smile:

Lol. Dea bowling a flipper had me laughing.

The Darcy / Weitering caption… GOLD!!!

i love this photo. he looks so smooth. plus i remember getting ■■■■■■ excited when he took off and had a bounce

Thanks WP. Loved the captions too.

Just had a carlscum supporter tell me what a “terrible game” it was. He didn’t realize how much pleasure his comment gave me as it means it really hurt them

I didn’t hear what BJ said down the Punt Rd. end, but I cheered after he said it.

Thanks Warlock Paul. I look forward to 2017 for your fantastic pics. I agree with you about Parish debut season as best. I’ve been following Essendon since 1956.
I’ve seen some great debuts maybe this is up with the debuts of Barry Davis and Tim Watson. I shouldn’t forget Dyson Heppell too.

Thanks heaps for posting the photos WP.
Loving the captions and what you said about BJ, (below in bold taken from the first post in the thread), I 100% agree with.

There was some interesting commentary on BB about what constitutes a Club Champion. Does winning a Crichton make you one? Does being the Captain make you one? How many games do you have to play with a team before you can be one? I am hoping that at the end of his career BJ is known as an Essendon Club Champion who just happened to start his career at St Kilda.