Bombershop- All I want for Xmas

Just applied the Xmas saving code to a new training tshirt and jacket and saved nearly $40. That’s TwoDogs Jr. sorted!


phew. i thought this was another " i was deeply offended by the club promoting a theme to me" type scenarios.

play on.

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‘I’m actually (denomination that isn’t christian) and this xmas sale offends the hardships all my ancestors have gone through’


My Lord and saviour died at Christmas 2000 years ago and I find these never-to-be-repeated low low prices VERY offensive.

Like this cap, just $19.95, down from $29.95. That hurts me!


‘I’m actually (denomination that is Christian even though I haven’t been to church in 7 years and that was only for a funeral) and I find it offensive that my kid’s school refers to it as holiday season not Christmas.’

Merge it with Australia Day on January 14 and call it Not The Things You Think We’re Celebrating Day.


I’m a sucker for memorabilia there. So darn pricy tho.



Good idea. Tippa sock.

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i pre ordered a couple of bonds jump suits from the bomber shop as the bonds site has sold out already in size 2. If you want to get some be quick as they are a limited edition. (only made for 12 clubs too lol)

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Where are the Bucket hats!!!


Very St Kilda looking unfortunately.

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And frequently Hawthorn colours too …

Lodge Cast iron fry pans.

These things are unreal.


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should’ve got on the ozbargain deal this week.

Oh, Cool. I had mine for a few years, couple of them actually.

But just giving people a few tips on great gifts.

I want to move away from Teflon, so I’ve meticulously cleaned one I had hiding at the back of my corner cupboard (not a Lodge), and now I’m spending the whole weekend “seasoning” it with Flaxseed Oil.

The house smells amazing.

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Whilst we’re talking Cookwear, a staple dish of mine is bolognese sauce.
This won’t work well on Cast Iron as the acidity apparently strips the seasoning, and then compromises the non stick achieved from said seasoning.

Therefore, I’m looking for a decent Stainless Steel Pot, or deep frypan.
Any suggestions, and advise on how to season Stainless Steel to make it non stick.
I’ve tried both Beef Dripping and Coconut Oil on an existing smaller Kitchenaid pan I have, but it’s not passing the egg test :man_shrugging:t2: