Bombershop- All I want for Xmas

Yes the tomatoes do ruin the pan, but comes back pretty quick with a bit of work.

The pot we use for Bolognaise sauce is an Aldi copy of those French pots. La crouset (?). Real heavy but perfect and can go in oven


Anyone else think of this when seeing the thread title

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Is this from way left field or does the Bombershop sell them?

Great band, the album this is from is top shelf

Get yourself to kitchen warehouse

Oh yeah ? So you object to celebrting Santa’s birthday ?

What are you blokes getting for your partners?

Just need to find a couple more things and I’m all out of ideas.

Went through the Bombershop last week to pick up a couple of stocking stuffers. There isn’t much 2018 clearance stuff left.

Fun stuff for the kids though.

Are you saying you already got her some thing or things, … and you just need to get her a couple more things?? :thinking:

Mrs Fox always gets a Christmas dress.

Not my idea, but it keeps her very happy and we go and buy it together. This year all our Christmas shopping will be done next Monday, as we like to do it in one day and last minute. Again not my idea, but it is one day so I cope. She will get me a Bunnings voucher.

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Just a few extra things, no couples things

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Baby Bombers


Just got the email for the monopoly game. Two things…

  1. $90 seems a little steep
  2. is that an insight to the leadership group for this year?

Is Joe’s face in the In Jail spot?

You wouldn’t want to be the players who get Whitechapel and Old Kent Road? Ryder and Carlisle?


Can you build pokies?

Yes, it certainly does, but that’s what they charged for “The Block” Monopoly last year.
I guess small production runs mean a higher retail price.

Most speciality Monopoly sets are around $100

would rather be old kent road than miss out all together

So has anyone worked out all of the properties?