BombersNT - NITV

Not sure if covered, but anyone else watch this tonight??


Was just what I needed. A smile on the dial, fire in the belly and renewed love (not that I ever lost it) for the greatest club in this land.

I did make another thread on it (for last night's airing of it, anyway) - then forgot to watch it.

Yes I did see that.


for those who didn't it covered the trip by a mixture of EFC stars (Heppell, Hurley) and lesser lights (eg Davis) to  the  NT earlier this year.


We saw the usual anodyne footage one may expect, as well as the usual politically correct commentary (mostly delivered by Hepps).


There was no footage of our players doing anything that they are being lauded for.


But we did see some great footage of indigenous blokes playing footy with that ineffable style that non-indigenous players just can't replicate. For example, one bloke took a mark over the top of another, capturing the ball between elbow and body. That would be a useful for trick for our trampoline-handed forwards to learn.


Even before that, I was thinking EFC should be using these trips to do more than just PR but to try to teach our players to learn something from the indigenous players. 


After all, they would learn something more useful from that than they did by visiting the Tokyo fish markets, ffs.

That kid that took the sitter, literally, on ol mate's back is a perfect example of that ineffable skill. Watching indigenous players is a pleasure at any time, but when it's away from the money and the big stage and they are just displaying an inherent talent is always very special.


Most of all, I just really enjoyed seeing the boys out and about and having some fun, sharing football, some laughs and getting back to the roots of it all.


Made for such light relief from the past 7 months. .