anyone ever been?

im going.


basically sounds like Meredith Music Festival only way way bigger and the lineup for the first release is something to behold size wise!



What date was this posted? Tuesdayor early part of Wednesday our time  by any chance?

dunno why?

the picture looked different last week but i think the lineup looks the same...i just grabbed it this morning off their site.

Elton John & Kanye playing a new festival somewhere in the country?

Seems... optimistic.

ain't goin' to Tennessee for a concert.

You'd reckon Blank Range would be having words with their manager.

Oh, is it in the US somewhere? Sorry your Meredith reference threw me, thought this was some new one that'd popped up here. Hence the credulity.

yeah happens to be right around the place im goign to be with some mates when we go from new york to new orleans

Good golly gosh what a stupendous line up. Either they have multiple stages going, or the festival goes 24 / 7 for a week, or both. Phew !!! Haven't heard of the Master Musicians of Jojouka for decades. They cut an album with Brian Jones just after he left the Stones. One of the first Anglo - African music collaborations ever. Worth a listen if you get a chance to find it. 

I'm going! Should be awesome, easy for me to get along - just driving down from NYC.


Bring a good tent is the word, you'll be miserable if not properly equipped, which means being ready for hot days and cool nights.

ill be in NYC from the 30th till about the 5-6th June too. 

Recommendations for where we should go out?

think we are going to stay in brooklyn.


things im into:


rock n roll


good natured venues


not pretentious


probably just gonna buy a cheapo tent to be honest! gonna dump it anyway.