Booing P Ryder


I recently re-watched Breaking Bad. Having never met Reboot in person, I’m convinced he’s Mike Ehrmentraut.


I’m thinking more Hector Salamanca.


When you use information revealed by a member in a moment of vulnerability against them in order to win a nothing argument on an internet forum then you deserve all you get. I haven’t forgotten what you did to Rasta Don. Keep engaging me and you’ll keep copping it, sh*t for brains.


oh my…

also @Diggers what would be your preferred outcome with all this? No one ever gets booed again ever? Was booing Sam Mitchell OK in your book or do you just sort of look down on the whole behavior as trash?


Now that is really the pot calling the kettle, that colour that we may not mention without red !!


I’m not sure who to Boo.


Well this has escalated quickly. Can’t we all just boo Sam Mitchell and be happy.

For my take. I will never boo Ryder. I am not in a position to judge just where his mental state was when he left us. The players were put through hell and deserve to move on and have some peace. For mine, I also remember the frustration of Ryder, the highs and the lows and he looks like the exact same player he was. Dominating in the ruck and jogging around the contest. He is a like a prettier version of NicNat.


probably, i could argue, but probably.
then again, i didn’t start a thread putting others down for doing something i supposedly (in your eyes) do.

If i ever do, feel free to call me the same names.


I dare say Carlisle might cop it worse when we play the saints than what Ryder copped on saturday night


For mine, this is an interesting discussion to have.

I think my feelings on Judas MKII are clear, but Diggers has put forward a point of view that made me think about it. My conclusion: Ryder is a ■■■■■■■ dog for what he did to the club and I support the booing.

However, Diggers post did cause me to reflect. Not many do, so for me, good topic.

Carry on, flame lord wankers.


this one is about honesty…if he had of said…“I’m going for the money” rather than using the saga and other crap as an excuse the I would thing that there wouldnt be to many boo’s at all.

I wouldnt boo him but I am pretty disappointed with the way he handled the whole affair and have a pretty low opinion of him because if it


I actually do think the saga, as well as other certain things, were the reason he left. I think the money thing was his manager in his ear after he had decided to leave. But that’s just my opinion.


Only if he decks St Francis.


I’m so glad that this woeful thread was put out of our misery and regurgitated.

@werewolf just in case you can’t work out, that’s because just as I predicted the thread turned to sh*t. But it’s easier to ignore in here buddy.


Did darkpheonixknight bring up the James Blake incident again?


I am absolutely, positively, 100% sure it had nothg to do with money. It also had nothing to do with the Saga, and health effects on children. Reality is it was all about a personal matter, and moving to SA has helped resolve this.

I am ■■■■■■ off with Paddy, as he was not honest enough to be truthful, but lied and lied and lied, and us loving fans of Paddy Ryder deserved better. I didn’t want to know his personal troubles, but I didn’t want the porkies told.


He accused me of double standards and I reminded him of how much of a **** he is.


Glad you can sleep easy tonight. Whatever you do, don’t visit again as you might see something you don’t like as it appears you can still post here. Both of our posts a case in point.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


Why? He said he just wanted to get out of the club. And when St. Kilda were trying to ■■■■ the club over at the trade table he said he’d happily go to Hawthorn, which forced them finally offer up pick 5.
Don’t think there’d be a lot of people harbouring too much resentment there.


Geez I’m glad Adam Goodes retired, we’d probably be de registered from the afl if someone even sneezed when he had possession of the ball