Booing P Ryder


So it was okay for Port to boo Watson but not us to boo Ryder? Hypocrisy from the media as usual.


Port cheer squad members made numerous injection gestures at the game last night, looks like even his own team’s fans don’t like him.


True, but he’s pretty much the only guy from 37 on who I’d count as a big miss.
As amusing as the name Jack Hiscox is. If your name’s Hiscox…


That’s unders for an AA ruck who wanted to go home to brisbane (Via Port)… but lets no gloss over the facts.


Not really on Carlisle. We had to get Hawks involved with the 2x first rounder offer


How precious has the game become? It was ‘Essendon fans have long memories’ when we Booed Mitchell in the West Coast Game.

Now were a blight on the game when we boo a bloke who did a hell of a lot more to hurt the club. Would have loved Woosha to answer that question in the presser "Look I don’t like Booing, but when a bloke goes to the media to demand a trade to be closer to family, two years into a four year contract, and days before a final. Then demands to be traded to a club that is further away from said family. You could see why the fans might be upset with him’. But he is too classy for that.


yes but well get cooneys wife to play in the womens league…utterly priceless what she said on game day this morning!


Nothing to do with anything other than a curiosity about why people do what they do.


Why do you cheer S Reid?




I booed the sh*t out of him and threw in a “JUDAS!” for good measure.


What was said?


Yep, seriously precious the game has become.

Players have been getting booed for a hundred years by supporters, and it happens in all football codes. But now apparently we need to tow the line of the AFL’s ethical stance on the game by controlling anything that isn’t displayed as positivity.

If someone can show me something on the ticket of entry that says no booing, I’d like to see it.


She said the following when they did a segment on womens football…she was wearing an Essendon beanie as well

Well its good now that im playing,i get all things that adam used to get when he was playing…I get to sleep in on the day of the match and sex the night before the match…

When it went back to the panel they were all stunned silent…

don’t know how good she is but she was enjoying it all along with r Shaws daughter!


I Boo’d, and got stuck into him every time he went near the ball.

The way he left was a disgrace, plus its all part of the theatre of the game.


I wonder if his manager got paid last season…


She said sleep-in the morning AFTER the match and NO sex the night before…

And then “hey, I had to live by the rules… so does he!”


The Cooneys are media personality gold.


ah ok id prefer what I said lol


So would Coons.