I am new to this topic… Don’t know why it took me so long as I love reading and am always looking for something new to read. So it has been great to read through some of the opinions on here.
I do read a lot of crime fiction but not only - not a fan of auto/biographies.
One of the best books I have read in recent times is Days Without End by Sebastian Barry. It also comes in audio form and is beautifully read. It is set through the period of the Indian Wars and the American Civil War. It follows the journey of a young Irish teen as seen through his eyes.


Yes, I’ve seen that. Happened on it one day while channel surfing. Not bad, but definitely a B movie. As always, there are some great scenes. And as is not infrequently the case in Elmore Leonard books, it’s the “weak and helpless” woman who fires the shot that kills the villain.

In fact, as I think about it, the villain in that book, who’s a hit man known as The Blackbird, could well have been a model for Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) in No Country for Old Men. Completely different plot, but the same sort of seemingly invincible and utterly soul-less killer. They have a lot of similarities, anyway.


Might have to be a Sci Fi fan to appreciate it but I enjoyed this illustrated article.


I don’t know how long Astounding lasted but I remember seeing a few old copies in dentists’ waiting rooms etc when I was very young. It didn’t make much impression on me.

The 30s to about the 70s really were the golden age of SF. My favourites were the books of John Wyndham, especially The Chrysalids, which I still read from time to time. His specialty was to take ordinary people and confront them with a new and unknown threat and examine their reactions.

At home we had some SF including Penguin Science Fiction, More Penguin Science Fiction and Yet More Penguin Science Fiction. These were short story anthologies that collected the very best and I loved them.


It’s been a long time between drinks, but I finally got back onto Philip Kerr’s Bernie Gunther books. I’d read a 3-novel compendium a few years ago where Bernie was a Berlin police detective in the years before the war.

This one, Prussian Blue, has him working as a concierge on the French Riviera in 1956 when he’s coerced by the Stasi boss to hunt down an English spy.

Most of the action goes back to April 1939 when he’s ordered by his boss, Heydrich, to investigate a murder taking place in the weeks before Hitler was presented with the Eagle’s Nest in Bavaria.