I’ve read all of those and also enjoy his writing. I’ve also read his “Red Queen’s War” trilogy and the first book of his “Book of the Ice” trilogy which sort of links with The Book of Ancestors series


Anyone else read any of Brandon Sandersen?

I have recently read the original Mistborn trilogy and have now currently started Mistborn Era 2. I have really enjoyed the world building and characters so far. The magic system is something which is really different and interesting and I can’t get enough.

Looking forward to starting the Stormlight Archive, which is know as his best work.

I have been reading a lot of fantasy recently (A Song of Ice and Fire, The Witcher) and would appreciate any other series and recommendations anyone may have.

Just finished this one and I liked it a lot.

Dana Russo is sent to a tiny outback town of 50 residents to investigate the murder of two locals in similarly bizarre circumstances.

It’s a slow burn of a story which kept me guessing and the dénouement was a surprise.

The Well At The World’s End by William Morris.

This is considered the first great adult fantasy/adventure/quest novel, Morris invented the genre. This book is well over 100 years old, and you can see where Tolkien got some of his inspiration. Morris was a genius, architect. engineer, writer, potter, artist. Yet died a penniless drunk in the gutter.

Picked it up today…together with another 5.

Finished Simon Rowell’s sequel, Wild Card. This one’s with Zoe Mayer, set up in Echuca/Moama with conflict between the bikies and the mafia. Very good.

Raymond Feist - Riftwar Saga…starts with Magician, then Silverthorn and finally A Darkness at Sethanon…then just keeps building from there

Terry Goodkind - Sword of Truth series

Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time series

Guy Gavriel Kay
Tad Williams


It’s a superb series. I met Feist at a book reading event at a pub in Hobart in the 90s… fascinating man.


Maybe try Stephen Donaldson’s The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. One of the best fantasy series imo.

Magician and the subsequent sequels by Raymond E. Feist. edit: looks like swoodley got there first.

Nice…it’s been so long since I read them that I’d almost forgotten about them.

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Donaldson can be challenging, and I was definitely too young when I first read them, but that series truly transported me in a near Tolkien way

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Yes…I was 18-19 when I started reading them.

They were the fantasy first books I read…even before Tolkien

(The main character being something of an anti hero took some adjusting to)

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I just couldn’t identify with the character at all, most of the time I just wanted to slap him :grin:

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The world around him though… magical.

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I just picked half a dozen Australian crime fiction books, mostly by first-time women writers.

The first one I finished was The Summer Party by Rebecca Heath. Lucy Ross has returned from Adelaide to the fictional Queen’s Point on the Yorke Peninsula to clear out her recently died Nan’s cottage. The last time she was there was in 2000 at a summer party given by the local rich family, the Whitlams, whose matriarch, Brooke, was never seen after that night…and co-incidentally whose body is found shortly after Lucy arrives. The book’s over 400 pages and probably 150 pages too long.

Decent story but too protracted.

Yep…finished it yesterday. Agree completely.

Started on a feel-good novel yesterday “How to Kill a Client” about a lawyer being murdered. It seems that everyone would want to kill him, clients, family, co-workers.

Set in Brisbane.

I read this over the weekend. It’s fantastic. He’s horrendous but we all know a Gavin.

And Roscoes and Philips.

Edit…finished it now. This one is a corker.

Onto an English one now…Fiona McIntosh?
Her police superintendent hero uncovers a criminal syndicate operating from Adelaide (where do they get their ideas from?)


Just finished How To Kill A Client… good read!

Finished Dead Tide yesterday. It was a good read, but I thought a smidge lightweight at times.

Set in Adelaide and Wallaroo, it’s a Scotland Yard DCS hunting down a gang dealing in black market reproductive material which has few problems in dealing with people who want more.

Now onto Crows Nest by Nikki Mottram. Her character is a child protection social worker up in Toowoomba. Just started but waiting for Riolio to read his ugly head.

Just finished The Second Son by debut Aussie author Loraine Peck.

A tale about crime families in Sydney’s west. Liked it a lot more than I thought I would.