I picked it up today.

I’ve been listening to Outback by Patricia Wolf. Two young German tourists go missing on their way to a farm job. Lucas Walker, an AFP officer, staying in outback Queensland for his granda’s final months, is asked to try to find them.

The girl’s sister, Barbara, a detective from Berlin, comes out to search.

Quite enjoying it.

Grabbed the sequel, Paradise, with my monthly credit this arvo.


An author friend and I riff back and forward on that occasionally.

Some of our additions:

Transgressive: main character uses drugs
Boundary-pushing: main character uses drugs and is gay
For fans of Lord of the Rings: is a fantasy novel
For fans of A Game Of Thrones: is a fantasy novel where the characters say ‘■■■■’ a lot
Devastating: author had a problematic relationship with their parents and is spending 800 pages working through it


The last third, at least, of Outback is very difficult to put down, or, in my case, stop listening.

I’ll be going onto the sequel next.

Fans of Chris Hammer will be delighted to hear that his latest book "The Seven" is being released this week. Nell Buchanan and Ivan Lucic again feature.


Thankyou, he’s fantastic

Nell Buchanan is a great character, deserving of more coverage.

Now I need to work out what day Target will have it. They seem to get books in before KMart. I’d rather pay $16 than $34 (or maybe $28).

Well into Paradise, the sequel to Outback. This time, set in Surfers. Just as good. About 90 minutes to go.

Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman. Supernatural horror set in 14th century France, amidst the devastation of the Black Plague.

Audible have it tomorrow

No…that’s a paper one. It’ll be a lend out, which you can’t do through Audible. I’m sure it’ll be at Dymocks and the like, but usually a few days delay before getting to the discounts.

Ummm no, it’s the audiobook, at least I hope it is :grin:

I mean…I will be buying the paper one. Audible is not an option for the reasons I gave above.

Lol which makes perfect sense when I re read your post

Picked up The Seven yesterday…

But before that, I’d started Ripper by Shelley Burr. Set in a fictional town, Rainier, near the Hume midway between Melbourne and Sydney, the town has become famous from 3 ripper-style murders 17 years before. The murderer was caught and is in jail, but a tour guide wants to start a grisly tour based on previous events. Unfortunately for the tour guide, he’s similarly murdered on the night of the launch of the tour. Just a short way in.

Finished Paradise by Patricia Wolf on Audible, and set forth on The Odyssey, read by Claire Danes. It’s all explanations so far. Odysseus hasn’t even left Troy yet.

Dave Warner has a new book, Summer of Blood, where 2 WA cops set off to San Francisco to investigate a child abduction case in 1967 (The Summer of Love).

My copy arrived today. I have something else to finish, but look forward to getting stuck into Hammer at some point over the weekend.

Have you got around to the most recent Richard Osman yet, @Alan_Noonan_10 ?

I think Benjamin Stevenson’s newie “Everyone On This Train Is A Suspect” is due out about the middle of this month. It’s definitely on my shopping list.

Read the Osman. Sehr gut!

I’ll finish Ripper first, and won’t bother with Stevenson. He really put me off with his obsessions.

I was just thinking a. go to Macca’s, b. turn that switch off.

His last book “Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone” is nothing like his previous work and I found it clever, refreshing and most amusing.

I know what you’re saying about his first two books, though. I’m glad he’s no longer writing about those characters and those issues.

You could start a street library? These are great things. I drop books off in mine outside the local church.

Your council or your neighbours might offer to chip in to put one up.

ExMayors and Councillors are not well received by current Councils.


Well shout your street a street library.

Paint it red and black :slightly_smiling_face:

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