I picked it up today.

I’ve been listening to Outback by Patricia Wolf. Two young German tourists go missing on their way to a farm job. Lucas Walker, an AFP officer, staying in outback Queensland for his granda’s final months, is asked to try to find them.

The girl’s sister, Barbara, a detective from Berlin, comes out to search.

Quite enjoying it.

Grabbed the sequel, Paradise, with my monthly credit this arvo.


An author friend and I riff back and forward on that occasionally.

Some of our additions:

Transgressive: main character uses drugs
Boundary-pushing: main character uses drugs and is gay
For fans of Lord of the Rings: is a fantasy novel
For fans of A Game Of Thrones: is a fantasy novel where the characters say ‘■■■■’ a lot
Devastating: author had a problematic relationship with their parents and is spending 800 pages working through it


The last third, at least, of Outback is very difficult to put down, or, in my case, stop listening.

I’ll be going onto the sequel next.