Robert Graves two books on the Greek and Roman myths have stood the test of time for me.

Found Dave Warner’s first book recently. No, not that Dave Warner, this is the one who sang ‘Suburban Boy’ back in the ‘70s. ‘City of Light’ is a murder mystery, very much in the style of Raymond Chandler. Making me smile.

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There’s a few of them with Snowy whatever who played for East Freo, with Dan Bentley, a cop up in Broome.

Warner was at one time under suspicion for the Claremont Murders because he was so interested in them.

His latest book, set in San Francisco in 1967 with 2 Oz coppers going over there to investigate a state premier’s missing daughter. They get involved with Janis Joplin inter al.

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Cheers @Alan_Noonan_10. I saw he was doing local libraries in Perth last month to promote his latest book. This first one is OK, if a little derivative but if I see any more of his work I’ll give it a shot.